Milan Fashion Week FW18: Best beauty looks

The grit and the glamour

Text: Renée Batchelor

The best looks at Milan Fashion Week were still pretty, but had a streak of rawness running through it — think wet look hair, bared freckles and half-applied lippie. Here are our favourites

Perfectly imperfect. Not just a clever turn of phrase, but the buzz words when it came to our favourite hair and makeup looks that showed at Milan Fashion Week, from the overdone figure skater-like eyes at Prada to the cleverly-applied whitish silver shadow at Fendi, if one thing was the highlight, the rest was pared down. After the subversive looks at London Fashion Week and the wearable chic looks showcased at New York, it was time for drama the Milanese way.

Another trend we were loving was the artfully dishevelled hair that was seen at various shows. From the wet look, messy updo at Atsushi Nakshima to the scraped back hair at Prada, the undone hair was the perfect way to make the looks sharper, more modern and more suited to the real world


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