8 micro beauty trends you might have missed in 2017

8 micro beauty trends you might have missed in 2017

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @nail_unistella; Vanessa Caitlin

From tiny tattoos to wire nail art, here were the beauty trends that made an impact in 2017 and might just become the ones to watch next year

We've already written about the top 10 beauty moments of 2017 as well as discussed the buzziest trends. But there were other trends that made (more minor) waves as well. In case you missed the memo, here are some standouts that made our list in 2017, and just might be sneaking into the mainstream in 2018.

While buzz cuts got all the well... buzz this year, short hair in general, also had its moment in the spotlight. Top actresses like Michelle Williams, Sarah Paulson and Evan Rachel Wood, all made the chop, and looked darn good doing it. A nice compromise for those who don't want to get buzzed or go completely bald, but still want an edgier look than typical, long hair.

Michelle Williams

We've written about cuticle stickers, and a million other nail art styles but one micro trend that caught our eye were wires used to create edgy, somewhat impractical nail art. We're calling this as the nail trend that will take off next year.


Whether you went the rainbow route or a more believable brown, there was no better time than 2017 to break out the eye pencil and create tiny freckles on your face. Fake it till you've baked enough to get it... we guess.


Fictional character Daenerys Targaryen inspired more than 'Bend the Knee' memes this year, with her silver-tinged platinum tresses gracing the heads of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Karlie Kloss IRL. This new, icy take on blonde is likely to hit the mainstream soon.


Forget lush, multiple notes and ostentatious flaçons. The hippest perfumes this year, were simple, chic and almost normcore when it came to the packaging and smelled just like your natural musk... but better.


Spotted on the streets of Seoul — so you know it'll be big pretty soon — bold blusher worn in triangular or oval shapes high on the cheekbones. Break out the blusher in vivid shades like fuchsia and red and get a headstart on this new way to flush.

cheek trend from Seoul

While tattoos have slowly been creeping into mainstream consciousness over the past ten years, 2017 was the year that dainty, minimalist tattoos hit the big time. Low-commitment (most of these are relatively small) decidedly hipster, and on cool spots like the inner wrists and fingers, low-key tattoos will continue its burgeoning popularity next year. Pick a symbol. Any symbol. Or choose an intital, quote or pithy saying and etch it in your skin forever.


On the other end of the spectrum was super-long, black hair reminiscent of '70s era Cher, these high-maintenance tresses were seen on Demi Lovato, Kim K (before she went blonde and chopped off her mane) and Nicki Minaj. Keep yours glossy and bouncy. Fried ends are never in style no matter the decade.