MFW FW17: Most inspiring beauty trends

MFW FW17: Most inspiring beauty trends

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Text: Renée Batchelor

From Gucci to Pucci, here were the brash, bold and brilliant beauty looks from the Milan runways that piqued our interest. The no-makeup makeup look need not apply

When it comes to runway makeup, we like our facepaint like we like our music, loud, complex and attention-grabbing. While the no-makeup look is a favourite of many a designer — probably because a blank-ish canvas is the least distracting when it comes to showcasing clothing — we love looking to the catwalks for beauty inspiration. Some of the winning looks that dazzled in Milan? Lit-from-within skin, quirky liner, caked on lashes in every colour of the rainbow and a lip that's as much a jewelled accessory as makeup. Scroll down to see more of our favourites.

1. The gleam queens at Max Mara
A skilful interplay of finishes — a matte mouth worn against highlighted cheekbones and glossy lids — this was a modern and sexy interpretation of flesh tones that was anything but ho-hum. 

Max Mara beauty look FW17

2. The Crayola liner at Byblos
Bright blue and yellow liner adds a pop of colour in a playful vein, but the clever positioning was anything but amateur.

Byblos fw 17 beauty look

3. The muted washes of colour at Anteprima
It may not be the easiest look to pull off, but we adore the grungy, uncomplicated matte brown shadow ringed around the eyes paired with unfussy lips that seemed almost like a reaction to the elaborate matte liquid lips that were trending last year.

Anteprima FW17 beauty look

4. The coloured mascara at Pucci
Ingeniously easy to imitate, use a primer coat before applying unusual hues like lilac, dayglo orange and kelly green on your lashes — covering your original lash shade as well as you can is key to the success of this look. Have bushy brows to contrast with your new, notice-me lashes? Bonus!

Emilio Pucci FW17 beauty look

5. The rock star panda eyes at Versace
Think you can pull on this subversively sexy look? You'll need a cream liner or shadow in a slightly shiny, oily finish, Q-tips and lots of practice.  

Versace FW17 beauty look

6. The ruby pout at Gucci
Like leftover beading from a Dionysus bag, the bits and bobs that made up the exaggerated pout on some of the models at Gucci was weird, whimsical and wonderful. Don't expect to eat or drink anything though.

Gucci FW17 beauty look

7. The red hot smoky eyes at Alberta Ferretti
Talk about a fierce take on a makeup trope. Using touches of red and gold to enliven a dark grey eye was an inspired touch by makeup genius Tom Pecheux — creating dimension and modernity in one, confident flourish. 

Alberta Ferretti FW17 beauty look

8. The cool girl liner at Marni
Not just great for its chunky sandals and necklaces, the fresh eyeliner looks that were customised to each model's eye shape and features showed us a million inventive ways to draw the line.  

Marni FW17 beauty look

9. The smudgey prints at Cristiano Burani
Like mini paw prints on a white sofa, the smudged and imprecise touches of liner under the lower lashline made us sit up and take notice... in a good way.

Cristiano Burani FW17 beauty look

10. The decadent doll-like look at MSGM
Combine spidery, over-mascaraed lashes with a sheen of strawberry pink patted on the lips and perfected skin, and you have something that looks effortless but clearly required some thought.

MSGM beauty look FW17