Why metallic makeup is the trend you'll be wearing this Christmas

Why metallic makeup is the trend you'll be wearing this Christmas

Pedal to the metal

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

From Fenty Beauty to Urban Decay, metallic eyeliners, shadows and lipglosses now come in more options than ever

If Queen Rihanna decrees it, the masses will follow. Metallic makeup has always trended towards the later part of the year, but while the usual silver, gold and glitter finishes were ubiquitous, the movement towards more colours and textures is taking shape in 2017. Now there's the option to have a lush, dimensional metal mouth (no not that kind of metal mouth), liners in all the shades from nude to emerald green and eyeshadows that gleam in a holographic rainbow's worth of hues. Check out how you can create a metallic look on all parts of your face.


With lips you can create a multi-dimensional look by layering products. Start with a lipstick and use a holographic gloss in a contrast colour and finish for a truly spectacular pout. Or go for an edgy metallic liquid mouth as your statement look.

The easiest way to go metal is with a liquid liner in a rich, pigmented glitter finish. Or opt for a cream shadow in a metallised finish to add a sexy, modern sheen on your lids. Mastered your eye makeup? Try a full metallic shadow palette to create the ultimate galaxy-inspired eye look.

When it comes to the complexion, you want to go for a more subtle look with a gleaming highlighter in a metallised finish to add that lustre to skin without that disco ball OTT-ness.