How Meghan Markle's hair and makeup will change now that she's an almost-royal

How Meghan Markle's hair and makeup will change now that she's an almost-royal

The princess' diarist

Text: Renée Batchelor

You've heard the big news: Prince Harry is marrying actress Meghan Markle. These are the ways her beauty style has changed and will continue to evolve as she prepares her ascent into royalty

And we'll never be royals. That may be true for the rest of us, but for actress Meghan Markle, probably the most famous woman in the world at this present moment, come Spring 2018 all that will change. What else is going to change besides her station in life and receiving a royal title? Well her hair and makeup for sure, as well as little details like her nails. Yes... we said nails. Take a look at how royal protocol might be subtly dictating Markle's beauty choices over the past year, and in the months to come.

She can wave goodbye to noir-ish nail polish... or any fun colour for that matter
While we were all busy ooh-ing and aah-ing at Markle's gorgeous ring and cooing over the newly engaged duo's warm chemistry, we might have missed one small detail. Take a look at her nails primed and polished for their moment in the spotlight. Notice how they're perfectly shaped, not too long and painted a delicate shade of pale pink. In fact, that nail polish looks awfully similar to Essie's Ballet Slippers — historically said to be the Queen's lacquer of choice. In general royals are supposed to refrain from painting their nails — perhaps it's too plebian a pasttime — and are asked to sport no polish, or very subdued shades at the most. Markle who has donned colours like dark red on her fingertips in the not-too-distant past, clearly got the memo, as she is paying homage to her future grandmother-in-law.

Meghan Markle nails and engagement ring

She won't be wearing bold makeup for public appearances
Another part of unofficial protocol for the royal set — heavy makeup is kinda crass. When was the last time you saw Kate Middleton sporting red lipstick or anything that would raise even one eyebrow? Middleton is generally seen in neutral makeup like pink lips, peachy blusher and light, smoky eyes. Markle will have to give up any 'fancy' makeup styles she has donned in the past — such as purple eyeshadow and burgundy lips — in favour of a more conservative look, but the good news is that there seems to be no royal embargo on eyeliner. Both Middleton and the late Princess Diana wore tonnes of that stuff, so Markle can go crazy with rimming her eyes, Sloane Ranger style. 

Meghan Markle red lipstick

She'll be wearing her hair in thick, bouncy waves a lot
Eagle-eyed observers have noted that Markle's hair is closely resembling that of her Suits character Rachel Zane, and has taken on a more regal, princess-y air. In fact, she's practically hair twins with future sister-in-law Kate Middleton. In the lead-up to this engagment, Markle has gone for a darker hue — again a more sombre, restrained choice for a future Duchess — and natural waves, moving away from the flat-ironed styles and updos that she's worn in the past. In fact, Markle has been pretty consistent in her overall beauty look (light foundation, nude lips, full brows and big hair) creating a beauty signature that the public can recognise. Time will tell if she gets more adventurous with her makeup and hair choices, as she wins over their hearts.

Meghan Markle in an updo