Manicures inspired by fashion houses and streetwear brands

Manicures inspired by fashion houses and streetwear brands

Nail that look

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @______pjm95

Still deciding on your festive manicure? May we suggest paying homage to your favourite brand, with this not-so-subtle trend that is making a resurgence

We've already done lots of themed nail art stories like this one on Game of Thrones nails, this one on minimalist manis by Alicia Torello, and this one on a wacky, Korean nail art trend. Now we present Nails: The fashion edition. At first it may seem kind of tacky and obvious, but if you think about it, it is kind of interesting to see the key elements of the brand, from the logos to the motifs to even the choices of material used distilled on a tiny nail. Homage or fromage? You decide.

Now that the signature red and green stripe and horsebit buckles are back in a big way, celebrate them on your fingertips with these fabulous interpretations. Or try lesser known motifs seen on their clothes and sneakers like the snake, bee and heart.




Do you really, really love Supreme and their recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton? Thought so. Go rad, red and logo-crazy with these designs.




What would Karl say? Would Coco herself turn in her grave? Sure it's not the most subtle, but if you love everything Chanel, from the double C logo to the camellia to the tweed, then get this manicure that spells expensive taste.



Though they're not as extensively detailed in terms of the scope and depth of the trend, here are other brand-inspired nails — from Nike to Balenciaga – that are popping up on Instagram.