3 new sculpting trends that’ll get your game face on

3 new sculpting trends that’ll get your game face on

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

Expand your makeup vocabulary and playbook with draping, chroming and sunstripping

Newsflash: If you're still strobing and contouring, you've fallen off the trend bandwagon and have been left behind some 22 months ago. No offense, ladies. The nature of the beast that is beauty — see what we did there? — churns out makeup trends at a prolific rate, especially with the never-ending bumper crop of beauty gurus flooding our feeds (remember the season of non-touring?). Now it's time to play catch up and wield your brushes to three new makeup techniques that have gone viral:

You'll need to credit the swinging sixties for this one. It's a comeback of the contouring created by makeup maestro Way Bandy, whose makeup chair has seen star-studded names such as Cher, Farrah Fawcett and Diana Ross. Essentially, it's contouring using a blush to get a youthfully flushed, sculpted complexion — think Rihanna during the Met Gala; granted she went for a much more intense version — instead of the usual shadowed look that hollows out your cheeks.

Draping makeup trend
How-to: Straight from Marc Jacobs' global makeup artist, give your face definition by using a gradated blush, sweeping the combined shades just below the cheekbones. Blend it up onto the high points of the cheekbones, then wrap the colour from eye to temple in a half moon shape for added drama. Be sure to dust over the chin, along the centre of the neck and down the décolletage as well so your draping is balanced.


Be sure to input 'makeup' at the end of chroming when you Google or all you'll get are car-plating results. But the search bots aren't far off, because the metallic chrome wrap of a car inspired this trend when M.A.C senior makeup artist Dominic Skinner was caught up in the glow reflected off a vehicle body. This is full-on reflector mode with a fine, frosty sheen that can go head-to-head with unicorn highlighters.
Chroming makeup trend
How-to: To ensure your look is as smooth as a mirror's surface, start with a well-moisturised canvas before tapping concealer over areas that need a bit more coverage. To really amp up the gleam to 'out-of-this-world' proportions, work a luminising base into your foundation, then go over the temples down to the middle of the cheeks and straight across your cheekbones with a easy-to-blend product like the new Nudestix Nudies.

Nudestix Nudies All Over Glow

The facial sunburn you used to sport as a kid is now the step-up to bronzing — only less painful and a lot cuter. Going from cheek to cheek and across the bridge of the nose, this is where the rays actually hit your face when you lay out to bake in the sun, now mimicked with makeup for that post-vacay glow. And when you start fielding a spate of 'have you been travelling lately?' questions, we're gonna say 'I told you so'.

Sunstripping makeup trend

How-to: Break out your favourite bronzer sans shimmer and use a flat, blunt brush to pick up the product. Be sure to tap off the excess or you'll end up with a harsh line instead of a soft strip. Start from the apple of the cheek and sweep the brush across to the other cheek. Gently buff the edges into the skin for a super natural look, and feel free to pop on more colour at the nose to work your faux tan.



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