Make Up Store takes the sweaty makeup trend to the next level

Make Up Store takes the sweaty makeup trend to the next level

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We've heard of the sweaty-sexy makeup trend. But with new products that have a water droplet effect on them, Make Up Store brings new meaning to the word steamy

Just in case you didn't get the memo: Being sweaty is in. Victoria Beckham even created a product, the Morning Aura Illuminating Creme with Estée Lauder, to achieve that sweaty-sexy look on the skin. The key to the success of this look, especially in out humid weather is more sexy less sweaty. Which means any shine or glow-inducing product has to be precisely applied on areas like the upper cheekbones and temples and avoided elsewhere — like the cheeks and the chin — so you look more like a model that strutted off a runway and less like you came from an outdoor EDM festival.

Microshadow Trio in Eden and Lipstick in Pink Bliss Eden

Make Up Store's spring look Steamy is dedicated to trend — the more specific inspiration is '90s hot, summer nights. Well we've got the moist, tropical heat down pat, so the look is certainly weather-appropriate. The coolest part of this collection is that the packaging reflects the trend. Three of the four products in this collection come in a intense green, metallic finish with a realistic, water droplet effect on the outer packaging. To get the Steamy look, the brand recommends starting with a loose powder primer with a mattifying effect before using the Sculpt Excellence foundation. Next, use the brand's Strobe Glow blended with your foundation (or worn on top). And if you want to give yourself extra dimension or an uber-flattering tan, dust some Bronzing Powder in Amazone on top of your foundation and illuminator. To get that cool, club kid look, don't shy away from colour on the lids and lips. The Microshadow Trio in Eden has a cool purple, mint and blue combination for that technicolour pizzazz. Finish off with some metallic turquoise liner — we love when it's used in a graphic way — well-manicured brows and a pop of cerise on the mouth, using the limited-edition lippie in Pink Bliss Eden. Getting steamy has never been easier.

Available from April at Make Up Store outlets

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