LFW SS18: Most outstanding beauty looks

LFW SS18: Most outstanding beauty looks

London calling

Text: Renée Batchelor

Trust the designers and the hair and makeup teams from London to come up with looks that were crazy, sexy and cool enough to turn heads

London never disappoints in terms of delivering excitement, creativity and innovation when it comes to hair and makeup looks. From the faux henna at Antonio Berardi to the clever use of glitter and colour in various shows, here are the looks that sparkled, shimmered and dazzled. Barely-there makeup and straight hair need not apply.

1. The sexy, black glitter at Ashish
This was a masterclass in black glitter flecks that don't overwhelm the face or look too messy. Sparingly applied on the lower lid and contrasted with shades of grey and black shadow and a touch of light blue sparkle in the inner corners of the eyes – we like how this look was designed, almost like a couture dress. 


2. The soft, orange shadow at Palmer Harding
There was a decidedly laidback vibe at Palmer Harding, with a crimped and undone updo, and muted orange eyeshadow carelessly applied on bare skin.    

Palmer Harding

3. The black and white henna at Antonio Berardi
We can almost hear the cries of cultural appropriation, but we loved the modern take on henna at Antonio Berardi's show — in contrasting hues of black and white — that added a beautiful, decorative element to the clothing. 

Antonio Berardi
4. The raspberry lips at Roksanda Illincic
These were not the kind you'd find in a secondhand store, but we loved the slightly sheer popsicle like finish and bold, look-at-me pigment. 

Roksanda Illincic

5. The half-liner at Ports 1961
A good beauty look doesn't have to be complicated: It just has to feel fresh and inspired. The thick, kohl liner line at Port 1961, that hung on the lower underline like a sentence missing its punctuation, was quietly quirky. 

Ports 1961

6. The side bun at Daks
While side buns can look ridiculous, the one at Daks was sleek, without looking prim. Paired with furry, brished-up brows, taupe nails and highlighted skin — the combination was one we want to try out for Saturday brunches and beachside weddings.  


7. The silver liner at Natasha Zinko
Again, a cool and unstudied take on what could be a zany trend comes off at effortless. With just some silver, cream liner, the makeup artists played with proportion and negative space, for a balanced effect. 

Natasha Zinko

8. The mermaid green eyes at Emporio Armani
The touch of emerald sparkle on a smoky, grey eye, combined with messy, wet look hair gave the models an ethereal, storybook feel at Emporio Armani.  

Emporio Armani

9. The crazy, red liner at Ashley Williams
Here's a look with real attitude and a healthy dose of London street spirit. We advise using a fine brush and liquid liner or face paint to achieve this look. It's not for the faint of heart, but hey, everything is worth attempting at least once. 

Ashley Williams

10. The metallic green eyes at Fashion East
Green was a big trend in London, and at Fashion East, we expected nothing else than the boldest looks. This blend of metallic green and inky black liner, with an arrow detail, was outré and kind of cheeky. 

Fashion East