New local beauty products you've got to try

New local beauty products you've got to try

Homegrown heroes

Text: Renée Batchelor

From a hand soap by PS.Cafe to a multi-tasking makeup brush, here's what's new and interesting on the beauty scene

We've already waxed lyrical about Singapore beauty brands that have made it on a global stage, and now there are new additions to the scene that are worth your attention. Combining innovation with design, here are some locally-conceived products that are chic, creative and user-friendly. Affordability is only the bonus. Grab these at a shop (or online store) near you.

PS.Cafe Fine Soaps, $49 each
When we first heard that PS.Cafe, the stalwart of chic, cafe dining in Singapore was creating a small range of fine soaps, we were somewhat puzzled. But when we saw the packaging and tried the products it made perfect sense. Created with some edible ingredients and with anti-bacterial properties to boot — the cafe clearly took the 'all employees must wash hands after using the toilet' warnings super seriously. Inspired by moments in the day, each soap is thoughtfully conceived, from the time – 9:30, 4:31 and 11:52 — to the scent notes used to convey these moments.

Housed in elegant, weighty glass bottles, these are perfect for displaying in your guest bathroom or as housewarming gifts that won't go amiss. And yes they photograph well. Each fine soap is housed in a clean cardboard box with an artsy-looking photograph signalling the mood of each scent. But beyond that, the interesting scent combinations have got us hooked. Start the day with 9:30, a sparkling and uplifting medley of grapefruit, blackcurrant, rhubarb and clove. End the day on a more sensual, relaxed mode, with 11:52. It's ripe with fruit and spices like raspberry, cardamom and frankincense. Your hand soap experience has never been chic-er.

PS.Cafe Fine Soaps, $49 each

13RushesxLarry Yeo Universal Do-It-All Face Brush, US$29.27
We're fans of local makeup artist Larry Yeo's work and Buro has collaborated with him on shoots and for articles, so were delighted to hear that he's created his own universal makeup brush with local company 13Rushes. The brush is two years in the making, and is the ultimate, multi-tasking tool that works with all textures: Powders, liquids and creams. Yeo worked with the brush specialist to find just the right density and angle, so the brush fits perfectly along your face contours. Keen to use them on more than one kind of product? Get a separate brush for each texture. The brand even sells multiple brush sets and stickers to label them for exactly this purpose.
13RushesxLarry Yeo Universal Do-It-All Face Brush, US$29.27

Lacquer Kit by Nail Deck, $62.10
We've already featured Nail Deck's bespoke nail polish. But if you fancy yourself a bit of a beauty mixologist, the brand has something new up it's sleeves. Nail Deck's Lacquer Kit is great for hand-blending your own nail polish colour from the comfort of your home. The kit contains five different base colours and can create up to eight bottles of nail polish. Also included are mixing and pouring tools and empty bottles. Call some girlfriends over for a manicure party and get creative with both the mixing and the naming of your customised polishes.
Nail Deck Lacquer Kit, $62.10

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