LFW FW17: The coolest beauty looks

LFW FW17: The coolest beauty looks

A riot of colour

Text: Renée Batchelor

Loud, expressive and bold interpretations of colour ruled the runways at London Fashion Week. Get your fix with these inspiring beauty looks

The looks at London Fashion Week were fresh, fierce and fabulous. From coloured brows, to bright pops on the eyes and lips, the makeup felt youthful and inventive. Even when the models were wearing a huge dose of colour — in everything from mask-like accents to rainbow stripes — the makeup was never costume-y, always current. Here are the shows that were worth a second (and third) look and some keen experimentation.

1. The brilliant silver and indigo combination at Central Saint Martins
The Central Saint Martins' show had a parade of models in a clever combination of indigo-tinted eyebrows and lashes and metallic silver shadow. Space age met pop art, and the result was unexpectedly stunning. 

Central Saint Martins FW 17

2. The matte orange mouth at Eudon Choi
Against a perfect complexion bereft of strong eye or cheek colours, the bold tangerine lip really stood out. We like the slightly dusty quality of the orange, that looked almost like a muddy brown had been added on top.

Eudon Choi FW17 beauty look

3. The bold splashes of shimmer pigment at Fashion East
Slightly reminiscent of David Bowie in his Alladin Sane phase, the models sported a quirky, reverse 'V' that covered their eyes like a superhero mask. We especially loved the shimmery, high-impact face paint in rich colours like teal, magenta and baby blue. And we have to ask... how did they coat their lashes too?

Fashion East fw17 beauty look

4. The quirky liner at Hussein Chalayan
We would never think of combining red with black liner, but the graphic interplay of the two shades is someting that will definitely work IRL. This is probably the one time sporting red eyes can be considered chic. 

Hussein Chalayan FW17 beauty

5. The gloriously textured updo at Huishan Zhang
We've seen many an updo in our day, but the beautiful texture and shape of this one at Huishan Zhang was something to write home about. We are in awe at the perfect balance struck between messiness, volume and precision.

Huishan Zhang Fw17 beauty look

6. The perfect highlighting at Daks
If you're struggling to find the balance between a sexy lit-from-within glow and looking like you just ran 10km on a treadmill, look to the girls at Daks for inspiration. By keeping shine focussed on key parts of the face like on top of the cheekbones and on the nosebridge and keeping the rest of the face velvety-matte, they looked magazine perfect.

Daks FW17 beauty look

7. The one-sided braid at David Koma
There was nothing girlish or precious about the precise, almost severe braid at David Koma. Tightly plaited against the crown on just one side of the head and coming down in an ultra-neat rope, this was as slick and fashion as braids get. 

David Koma FW17 beauty look

8. The cartoon eyes at Emilio de la Moreno
Combining odd combinations like orange, blue and white together in graphic, crescent shapes, the eye makeup at Emilio de la Moreno was so high-impact and striking, it was almost unreal. And kudos for allowing the model to flaunt her natural Afro and her freckles.

Emilio de la Morena fw17 look

9. The relaxed romance at Temperley London
What are the ingredients to modern romanticism? Not the plot of a Victorian novel or a high-necked gown, but a combination of a fresh, healthy complexion, loose tresses and ruby lipstick patted on just so. 

Temperley London fw17 makeup

10. The shock of orange at Versus
That must be some highly-pigmented cream shadow the makeup artists used at Versus. It was so rich it was practically fluoroscent, and was all the accent needed for statement eyes that dared you to turn your gaze elsewhere.

Versus FW17 makeup look