LED masks: Everything you need to know about the tech-y beauty fad and why everyone's obsessed with it

LED masks: Everything you need to know about the tech-y beauty fad and why everyone's obsessed with it

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Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Instagram | @drdennisgross

In our quest for beauty, the human race has concocted some pretty unusual beauty treatments. Vampire facials, penis facials (yeah, you read that right) and microdermabrasion, for instance, seem more painful than they are worth yet have gained mass popularity. So when we spotted LED masks on social media (on Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Katy Perry, Chrissy Teigan's feed to be exact), our interest was piqued.

At first sight, LED mask, or light therapy mask as it's sometimes called, looks like a prop from Freddy VS Jason — meaning to say it will scare even the bravest of hearts in the wrong time of night. Thankfully, that's the only association with horror the tech-y beauty fad has known. The new addition lighting up our Christmas wish-list (pun fully intended) boasts some pretty impressive capabilities.

Katy Perry

For one, the red lights emitted from LED mask are said to help improve the texture of skin with continuous usage. Over time, expect fine lines and wrinkles to be reduced, making way or smoother, more glowing complexions. Use it alone or pair with your favourite moisturiser or serum, for the light ensures that their formulation penetrate deeper into your skin where the root of the problem sits. Those looking for a solution to acne-prone skin will also love to hear that the red and blue lights help combat breakouts; while the red light fights clogged pores, the blue light helps kill bacteria. 

The downside? A nifty device like this doesn't come cheap; the celeb-endorsed Déesse is over SG$1K. We have a few suggestions below that are a little friendlier to the wallet, but hey, if you find yourself underwhelmed by the results, then rest easy knowing that your Halloween outfit is sorted a year early. 

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