The laser treatment that gives you a V-shaped faced

The laser treatment that gives you a V-shaped faced

Laser dreams

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want a beautifully sculpted visage fast? Try this three-step, non-invasive facelift from IDS that works from the inside out

Yes, we get it. The thought of facelifts can seem scary and almost foreign. Many of us see them as something that only ageing Hollywood starlets or tai tais can afford to indulge in. But the times they are a'changin and there have been leaps and bounds in anti-ageing advancements. Now facelifts don't have to be synonymous with huge costs, lots of pain, long recovery times and frankly frightening results (just google scary facelifts). They can be done using sophisticated lasers instead of scalpels and sutures. And no, you don't have to lie that you've gone on a three week African safari while waiting for your face to look normal again.

IDS Clinic has a new Laser Lift that combines three procedures and treats your skin from the exterior as well as the inside of your mouth. Yup, that's right. This is the first intraoral treatment that gives you tightening and volumising effects on your face without injectables.

The first step is the intraoral rejuvenation where there is bulk heating from the inside of your mouth to stimulate collagen contraction. What this translates to? Tightness and better elasticity in this treated area. Next is long pulse rejuvenation which targets deeper imperfections outside the cheek area. The final step is bulk tissue heating again — but this time from the outside, subcutaneously (targetting the layer of skin directly below the dermis and epidermis) for a complementary, tightening effect.

We won't lie to you. The treatment is still pricey (at $1,250 a session) and there will be some degree of discomfort due to the heat applied on skin. But compared to the cost and downtime for a cosmetic surgery procedure, this works like a dream. After just one session you'll be able to see less pronounced marionette lines, nasolabial folds and perioral lines. What are all those? Those almost imperceptible folds and creases in your skin that form over time, and don't go away even when you're not laughing or talking. Another bonus? This treatment takes just 30-45 minutes. It's best repeated every four weeks over five sessions. This can also be done to complement a Thermage treatment and maintain its results. We say it's a good idea to start saving up that Christmas bonus and get people wondering why you look so fresh-faced in the new year.

$1,250 for a single session. At IDS Clinic #05-07 Novena Specialist Centre