New-in Korean skincare brands you need to namedrop

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New-in Korean skincare brands you need to namedrop
K-beauty is revving up with a slew of new skincare labels to pop into your shopping cart (and social media posts)

If brands such as 3CE and Moonshot are the usual suspects that populate your makeup drawer, then you best make room for more because it would seem Korean beauty isn't slowing down any time soon. Fresh launches have made their way to our shores, setting off a new sensational hallyu wave that's taking over the average bathroom shelf and turning them into veritable decks of prime skincare goodies. And if you've been remotely tuned in, you'd know cosmetics from the land of kimchi is highly prized for its innovative skincare — with everything from snail essence moisturisers to youth-enhancing sheet masks that retail by the dozens. Upping this arena of the 'cool-meets-hip' variety of K-beauty (honestly, is there any other kind?), check out three entrants that have touched down with such big splashes, you need to get to testing the waters, pronto.

Hands up if pore problems have plagued you since the days of puberty, and no amount of serums or lotions you've pinned your hopes on have banished them. Well, your search for the Holy Grail product might just be over with Caolion's specialised range of 'Pore Perfectors'. Selling like hot cakes in Korea, the Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo has legit reached cult status, boasting a two-step application that first delivers a steaming effect to gently exfoliate and remove blackheads, followed by a cooling and tightening mask to shrink enlarged pores and control sebum. Pair this with the natural handmade pore soap and we reckon the dream of having flawless skin isn't that far off.

Innovative Korean skincare brands

However you want to pronounce it — is it 'blee-fth' or 'bly-fth'? — this brand is so hip it's coined a new skincare phrase called 'anti-polluaging'. An amalgam of pollution and ageing, these are skin's main antagonists in urban environments that result in exacerbated damage. In sussing out the market's need for anti-pollution and anti-ageing products, Blithe has combined both aspects into multi-functional, smart skincare using cutting-edge science and natural plant ingredients to effectively build up your skin's resistance to ageing caused by urban stressors. So what's the takeaway? Grab a bottle of their innovative Patting Splash Mask and see your skin glow after a simple 15-second rinse.

Innovative Korean skincare brands

'A mask a day keeps the dermatologist away' is probably the maxim preached by every baby-faced Korean woman you've enviously eyed. And their secret is likely Kocostar, a niche label that creates sheet masks for just about every part of your body. From hair and foot packs to fruit and vegetables-inspired masks that lets you tack 'em on like stickers to localised regions you'd wish had more moisturisation, every piece is made from hypoallergenic tencel fabric that allows the skin, or hair, to soak in the cocktail of active ingredients like a sponge. We sense an imminent at-home pampering cum television binge-watch session.

Innovative Korean skincare brands

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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