Which KKW Fragrance are you?

Which KKW Fragrance are you?

Sweet or sultry

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @kkwfragrances

If you ever wanted to cop a bit of Eau de Kim Kardashian, her fully fleshed out fragrance line is here to help with that

Ever since KKW Beauty took off with what was possibly the most hyped contour kit ever, Kim K fans and beauty insiders alike have foretold a perfume collection down the line... and boy, have we called it. Dubbed KKW Fragrances, this offshoot of her beauty brand is an enterprise unto itself that warrants its own Instagram handle, landing page, and no less than six different scents. From the signature Body fragrance to fruit emoji perfumes, we break down the blends to help you identify with your inner Kardashian:

While Kim hasn't outright cited Jean-Paul Gaultier as her inspo source, the body flaçon does call to mind the silhouette of the iconic '90s fragrance. Except those curves are unmistakably Kim's; this is a to-scale replica of her torso brought to life in miniature, with dimensions taken from a body mould she did just for the fragrance. As for the juice itself? It's described as a narcotic elixir, opening with a burst of juicy peach wrapped around a heart of jasmine sambac and rose, which eventually dries down to a base of luxurious musk and woods that "keeps the narcotic effect alive for hours on your skin".


Perfect for: The bombshell next door, the Kim K wannabes

If sweet and fruity is your speed — or you belong to the emoji-speak tribe — this one's made for you. Comprised of three different scents, Peach and Cherry mimic their organic counterparts with notes of succulent peach and juicy cherry respectively, while Vibes works a more floral juice with hints of melon and pineapple. Then there's the limited edition Bae and BFF, which has since sold out and may or may not see a comeback. But whether you pick one or all three (once they're back in stock, that is), the common thread between them is the bright and sparkling femininity that seems to designate the Kimoji range as the lively, and dare we say it, 'cutesy' choice for those who wish to swan about smelling like the Smurf-equivalent of fragrances.


Perfect for: The preppy millennials, the collector of all things cute and/or limited edition

The greenest (and perhaps most grown-up) of all the KKW scents, we have to admit we're kind of sold with the packaging alone. Designed to look like a shard of smoky quartz, the flaçon reflects the juice inside, made from classic white flowers such as gardenia and tuberose. Voluptuous in its sandalwood and amber-enhanced sillage, a citrus version is available for those who like their green scents with a twist, working a zest composed of Brazilian orange oil, Italian lemon, and Tahitian pomello for a energising touch to what is otherwise a timeless floral.


Perfect for: The up-town ladies, the new-age believers

Shop KKW Fragrances here.

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