5 most Instagrammable beauty brands you haven’t heard of

5 most Instagrammable beauty brands you haven’t heard of

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

You’ll want to get snapping (and shopping) once you cast your gaze on these under-the-radar beauty brands

Hear, hear, fellow beauty addicts: There's no such thing as too much makeup. But if you've been imposing a beauty ban on yourself for some unfathomable reason or other, it's time to break that prohibition and pick up a haul or two because these burgeoning brands are goodies you'd want casually (read: artfully) strewn across your vanity tabletops. Indeed, half the joy in owning an empire of makeup is the endless flatlays you get to play around with to show off your beauty spoils, and if you happen to trendspot some up-and-coming labels ahead of the crowd, well, all the more reason to work those snaps.

So in the spirit of this ruling, we've turned up five lesser known beauty brands that fall right into the #want plus #need categories, and are totes makeup #goals you need on your Insta ASAP (you're welcomed).

From liquid lipsticks in swirled, whipped cream tubes to a Neapolitan ice cream-inspired eyeshadow palette and a lookbook re-named as cookbook, Beauty Bakerie is all sugar, spice and everything nice. With adorable packaging reminiscent of a vintage bakeshop, along with confectionary-esque products, this is a calorie count you'd definitely want to rack up.

If you're as much a believer in streamlined yet effective skincare as we are, then Drunk Elephant is slated to be your new topshelf must-have. Besides performing as good as they look, the minimalist bottles are perfect for dressing up your bathroom counters (or against your favourite marble background) for an ace shot that comes off as beautifully clean as your skin.

Love products that pack pretty with personality? Then quirky cute is your buzzword when it comes to Lottie London. On top of oh-so-apropos makeup such as the Believe In Your #Selfie palette and the Insta Filter pore eraser stick (we'll take two, please), they've got a killer brush set bedecked in metallic handles you'd want all up in your face and on your feed.

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4. SODA & CO.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, but this Aussie label has given that saying a tweak by placing freshly scrubbed next to 'fodder for Instagram'. Just from its fun and cheery packaging alone, you already want to lather on some of that awesome naturally derived body care. Then follow it up by taking a requisite post-shower shot of your Soda & Co. faves backdropped by a spotless shoreline.

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Nothing goes hand-in-hand like travel and beauty, if the inundation of 'what's in my in-flight makeup bag' types of videos and snaps popping up on our feeds are any indication. And specially curated for the jetsetters is Wander Beauty: Makeup multi-taskers, customs-friendly packaging, and ridiculously gorg taken against the skyline or an idyllic beach on your vacay.

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