Beat the heat with 5 innovative UV filters that redefine sun protection factor

Sunshine state of mind

Beat the heat with 5 innovative UV filters that redefine sun protection factor
Get SPF savvy with five new sunscreens that’ll put the prep in your step when you slather up

You'd think living in our ever-toasty climes has made us wise to dealing with the heat, but if the complains rolling in after a 15-minute jaunt to buy lunch are any indication, the sun would appear to be everyone's mortal enemy. And it certainly goes without saying that we ought to be as kiasu (in true Singaporean fashion) about our sun protection as we are about everything else. What with the rainy season now firmly behind us, patting on the SPF is a must-do any time you so much as step out for a quick coffee run — because photo-ageing from exposure to UVA and UVB rays is the new shabby chic look, said no one ever. So if you're in the market for a fresh tube of much needed sunscreen, check out five new products making the rounds that'll keep the overbaking at bay:

1. The tailor-made sun protection
Chanel labs have taken their UV Essentiel range up a notch with the launch of a new gel-crème textured SPF that racks up the 'ultras': Ultra-fresh, ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable. But what really makes this updated formula stand out is the discovery of intuitive and protective proteins that stimulate the skin's natural defense against environmental stressors, cleverly adapting to your specific needs as well as lifestyle and climate changes. Talk about artificially intelligent skincare.

Five innovative sunscreens

Available at all Chanel counters from 24 February, $87

2. The multi-tasking thirst quencher
Not all tinted moisturisers are made equal, and you won't find one more top-of-the-line than Estetica's est.lab SunShield Aqua with SPF 50. Imbued with a potent trio of hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients — including golden seaweed and Irish moss extracts — this is sun protection that actively retains and replenishes the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin while providing a boost of antioxidants to promote collagen and elasticity. Now you can soak in your daily dose of vitamin D without worrying about your face (and neck) pre-maturely ageing.

Five innovative sunscreens

Available at all Estetica Beauty Studios, $86

3. The pocket-sized lip rescue
Inspired by the blossoms in the gardens of a Korean imperial palace, Fresh co-founder Alina Roytberg has re-created the perfect pink of a blooming chrysanthemum in Fresh's new tinted lip treatment. A sensual, shimmery flush is what you'll get with a swipe, coupled with a good dose of SPF 15 to protect your pout. A UV filter and lip colour in one, the versatile formula even allows you to build up the coverage anywhere from sheer to rich, on top of a six-hour long moisturisation with the brand's signature mix of nourishing sugar and hydrating oils.

Five innovative sunscreens

Available at Fresh boutiques and all Sephora stores from March

4. The anti-pigmentation radiance enhancer
Answering the prayers of Asian women everywhere, Sisley's superpowered sunscreen is the technological breakthrough to eradicate dark spots and dullness. Sat in-between the realm of skincare and suncare, this bottle boasts a patented brightening complex to combat hyperpigmentation, revealing more radiant skin with regular use, in addition to a multi-protection shield against urban pollutants. Pro-vitamin B5 and Phytosqualene round up its list of active ingredients, aiding skin that's been dehydrated from air-conditioning or overheated environments. Bonus: Sweat and humidity proof.

Five innovative sunscreens

Available at all Sisley counters from mid-February

5. The never-seen-before sun defying oil
SPF comes in all forms and textures but an oil-based sunscreen is a new one, even for the beauty veterans. We reckon it came about from the peeps that've always found sunscreen feeling (and looking) mask-like, which probably spurred Supergoop CEO Holly Thaggard to come up with a version that's so lightweight it literally sinks into skin. Reinforced with meadowfoam seed and argan oils, it's non-greasy upon application and works to prevent moisture loss and neutralizes UV-induced damage from free radicals. This is one spray you'll want as your first line of defense against the rays.

Five innovative sunscreens


Text: Angelyn Kwek

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