Indie Korean skincare brands you never knew you needed

Indie Korean skincare brands you never knew you needed

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The Korean skincare scene is getting an upgrade with solid indie brands brought in by beauty e-tailer Evening Island

There's a new hotspot for getting your Korean beauty fix, and its divergent nature is set to have you clearing out your bathroom counter to make space for names we've barely heard of this side of the equator. For starters, Yuripibu, Whamisa, Enature and Simplistic are the four under-the-radar brands making headway into our market. Curated by retail experts and husband and wife duo, William and Violet Dowlatkhah — whose experience with these labels have generated overwhelming positive feedback among family and friends — Evening Island is their brainchild that accesses these lesser known K-skincare goodies with a simple click.

Indie Korean skincare brands curated by Evening Island

A venture off the beaten path from most of the marketed Korean beauty brands being peddled by the dozens, Evening Island prides itself on stocking products that are anti-cruelty and free from harsh synthetics and chemicals. As co-founder William elaborates: "We were on this personal mission to curate these hard-to-find brands to improve our troubled skin issues, scouring obscure streets of Seoul and Jeju Island. We discovered Tremella mushroom creams and Agave cactus ampoules and it blew our minds how concentrated and highly efficacious they were."

Indie Korean skincare brands curated by Evening Island

Tried and tested first hand by both founders, the remarkable difference between using mass, commercial formulas that were watered-down or mixed with alcohols and additives compared to the natural concentrations in the aforementioned indie labels was readily apparent. Every item's ingredient list, efficacy and even its brand ethics are heavily scrutinised to provide customers with peace of mind, so you'll know checking out your shopping cart won't have you breaking out or developing unknown allergic reactions. Think organic beauty, but even better with advanced Korean skincare science backing each product.

With everything from cleansers and toners to eye essences and sleeping packs — and that's not counting future additions as Evening Island continues to expand its repertoire of brands — it's high time to give your skincare regime a complete overhaul. So if you're game to give these indie Korean labels a try, here are four highly recommended must-haves:

Yuripibu, Whamisa, Enature and Simplistic are exclusive to Evening Island. Shop the brands here.

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