Rich girl hair: We tell you how to get these luscious locks

Rich girl hair: We tell you how to get these luscious locks

Her hair is so money

Text: Renée Batchelor

As we move away from the undone beach waves and grown-out ombré colour that has dominated hair trends for years, having expensive looking hair is suddenly back in style

You know the girl. In Singapore she may be known as the tai-tai (the local equivalent of the lady who lunches). The one who is the very definition of well-coiffed, with tresses that always look voluminous, glossy and impossibly beautiful even in the nightmare humidity that is Singapore. Well now, it seems her hair is finally back in fashion. Well almost.

Rich-girl hair is what we should be aspiring to today. And no self-respecting rich girl sports grown-out roots, frizz and — god-forbid — colour from a bottle. Today we see the look on women from Olivia Palermo to Amal Clooney and we want to scream 'Give us her hair!' Here are our three steps for getting the look.


Olivia Palermo

Rich-girl hair is all about the gloss. If you have naturally straight hair as many women in Singapore do, you just have to invest in weekly hair masks, glossing treatments and even a good-quality, boar-bristle hair brush to stimulate natural shine in your hair. While serum can up the shine factor, never use it on wet hair or it'll look greasy.  If you have wavy and curly hair, the only way to realistically achieve the look is with an in-salon blowout. Running your tresses through a hair straightener won't quite have the same effect as it'll tend to look flat and damaged.

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Rich Girl Hair - Michelle Williams 
The first time we heard the term expensive colour was when we met London-based celebrity hairstylist Josh Wood in 2012. Wood, who practically invented ombré — he created beachy hair on Elle MacPherson way back when — spoke all about a premium colour and hair that looked almost like it had a halo around it.

The truth is that there's a reason it's called expensive colour. Dyeing your hair at home or with an inexperienced colourist is not going to produce the kind of results you're after. Creating rich girl hair is as much about colour selection, mixing the proportion of shades and clever colour placement and techniques. Think of it as the natural hair you're born with but amplified 10 times. Hair should not even have any obvious streaks of colour or highlights, but should look multi-dimensional and rich — nothing too brassy or too many shades away from your natural shade. The ultimate rich girl-shade? A pure platinum like on Michelle Williams.

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Casey has been doing the expensive hair look for decades and though not one to bank on publicity or celebrity endorsements, it has quietly been turning out beautiful and premium-looking dye jobs on its clients.

3. CUT
Rich Girl Hair - Amal Clooney 
While hair doesn't necessarily have to be long, most women sporting the look have long, lightly layered styles. Undercuts, asymmetry or crazier cuts don't work as well if you're going for the rich-girl look as it errs on the side of conservative. Rich-girl hair also has a bit of wave and volume rather than being bone straight. The texture should never veer into crunchy territory though, so try a bit of hair cream to give tresses that polished look.

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