Hot off the runway: Get Victoria Beckham’s SS17 beauty look with her new makeup collection

Hot off the runway: Get Victoria Beckham’s SS17 beauty look with her new makeup collection

Turn around bright eyes

Text: Stacey Chia

Buro 24/7 Singapore's correspondant was fortunate enough to head backstage to chat with Victoria Beckham after her SS17 show at New York Fashion Week. Find out all about the makeup look and what went behind her collaboration with Estée Lauder

Whether you're going for a fresh and natural look, or bold and alluring beauty, you can achieve these looks with products from Victoria Beckham's new cosmetic collaboration with Estée LauderGlowing skin is at the heart of every good beauty look, but it's the eyes that are a window to one's soul. So with that in mind, makeup superstar Pat McGrath created three different looks centred around the eye for Victoria Beckham's SS17 show at New York Fashion Week, all using products from the designer's soon-to-be launched cosmetic collaboration with Estée Lauder.

Models flaunted dewy skin, achieved with the help of the Morning Aura Illuminating Crème, a moisturiser-primer that contains micro-pearls for brightening skin, which Beckham describes as having a "yummy" texture. The eyes did all the talking with bold strokes of eyeshadow in cobalt blue and emerald from the six-shade eye palette, and keeping in mind Beckham's target woman doesn't just party (she works hard too), an effortless, everyday taupe eye makeup look went down the runway as well. 

Victoria Beckham
Positively beaming at the end of her SS17 show, Beckham stayed back to chat with the beauty press about her new makeup collection. "I wanted to create a capsule collection of what every woman should have in her makeup bag, things that I know you can't find. It's not as easy, for instance, to find the perfect nude lipstick and the perfect bronzer as you would think. In addition, the collection allows me to share what I have learnt over the years by working with the best makeup artists in the world and standing on so many red carpets," said Beckham. Here are six things you need to know about the collection:

The 14-piece line is grouped according to Beckham's four favourite cities — London, New York, Los Angeles, and Paris
"I have lots of different homes. I live in London and a nude lip and smoky eye are very much what people associate with me. That is the look that people see me in when I'm on the red carpet. I wanted to make things easy for my customer, whether it's dressing or putting on makeup; I want my customer to be able to buy into a look. The LA look is more minimal, Paris is about that strong green eye and a really beautiful orange-red lip. For New York, it's all about that blue eye.

New York look makeup colours
2. She was involved in every step of the process
"I was very specific when we starting working — with the sizing, the pigments, and how it should feel. It took about 12 submissions to get the perfect shade of nude lipstick. The entire process took more than a year. It takes that long not just because of the makeup, but also the packaging.

Among her favourite products is the Morning Aura Illuminating Crème
"I travel often and when I get off a flight, I'm immediately photographed, so I wanted something that is moisturising, something that will act as a primer, close pores and give me a youthful glow after long flights. I figured that nobody was going to help me do that because that's asking for a lot, so I did it. This is something that I use underneath makeup, on top of makeup, on my collar bone, and sometimes I even put it on my legs. It's so yummy, it melts in your skin. Everybody's got to be camera-ready now because everybody wants to do a selfie with everybody. David likes this too."

Morning Aura Illuminating Crème, $102
4. The collection's black and gold packaging was inspired by Estée Lauder's signature gold colour
"I wanted to celebrate Estée Lauder, and so I went into the archives and looked at packing from the '50s, and tweaked it a little bit to make it feel like a marriage of two brands. I wanted the packaging to feel luxurious with a good weight, and look good in my handbag and bathroom. I'm so proud of how good it looks that I have all the products on display in my bathroom. To me, it was really important that the products look good. When I was seven, I remember my mum's best friend giving me her empty bottles of perfume, and I put them all out on my dressing table because I loved how they look. Here I am, quite a few years older, and things like that are still very important to me."

The Highlighter in Modern Mercury is a previous limited-edition Estée Lauder product that has been brought back.
"I use the Highlighter in Modern Mercury on the top of my cheeks, down the centre of my nose, and I often use it on my eyes as well. This collection is not about having tons of products, but having perfect products that you can use multiple ways."

6. Aside from makeup, Beckham has created a light box mirror to complement the collection.
"I often stay in hotels where there is never a decent mirror with the right lighting, so I thought it would be great to have a makeup mirror with proper lighting that one could take around." Although it will not be available in Singapore, you can always try and grab this luxurious offering from overseas counters.

Prices range from $50 to $116. The Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder collection will be available at Tangs at Tang Plaza and from September 23, and at the Estée Lauder boutique at Ion Orchard from October 1.