Penis facials: Have Hollywood celebrities taken shocking beauty treatments too far?

Penis facials: Have Hollywood celebrities taken shocking beauty treatments too far?

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Text: Sinead Lee

Editor: Jolene Khor

The words "penis facial" were casually exchanged this morning over our warm cuppa. Cue the ten seconds of unsettling nods and prolonged expressions of disgust. Buro. Singapore’s beauty editor insisted she isn’t pulling our leg, that penis facial is a legitimate procedure celebrities in Hollywood such as Kate Beckinsale are experimenting with to help transform their visage. You’re probably thinking, as we did, “That can't possibly be real”.

Turns out, it can.

Sure, Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock have long dabbled in gross facials that promise the Fountain of Youth. But is there a fine line these A-listers (and mortals, i.e. us) shouldn't cross? A moral debate we’ll save for another day.

More pressing matters await. 

Penis facials require the foreskin from circumcised Korean infants. You'll be the first to know why Korean babies specifically are chosen when Dr. Georgia Louise, the genius responsible for the birthing (hehe) of this procedure, returns our phone calls. The stem cells she harvests from the foreskin are cloned in a lab and produced into a serum, then incorporated into a micro-needling application during the facial. The process is said to cultivate collagen and growth factor proteins, crucial for giving skin luminosity and springiness. 

We really can't make this sh*t up. Beckinsale’s bragging about the facial on Instagram naturally drew protest and backlash from anti-circumcision activists and the pubic, sorry public, alike. Their swift criticism, (sample: "harvesting body parts is illegal and worthy of jail time" and "you should be ashamed of yourself”) prompted the actress to delete her original post. But Internet's wrath isn't stopping Dr. Louise from sharing her work. Come to think of it, if the thought of growing foreskin in a lab doesn't deter her, very little else in the world will.

No, thank you. Next.