The hairstyle that was trending at the Billboard Music Awards 2018

What about bobs?

Text: Renée Batchelor

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards saw an influx of mid-length hair. From short bobs to shoulder-grazing lobs, behold the versatility of this fresh crop

It used to be that only long hair was considered red carpet worthy — hence the influx of weaves and extensions that could create the volume, length and drama required for big occasions. But it seems that with the no makeup movement some years back as well as a greater acceptance of natural textures like afro and curly hair, that shorter lengths are now being embraced for big occasions and not pinned up and away. The lob — or long bob — as well as its shorter cousin the bob has become a sort of style signifier for a fresh, modern hairstyle.

And seeing big names from Jennifer Lopez to Mila Kunis pick this hairstyle and put their own spin on it certainly gives a girl some options. Go for a messy, bedhead texture if you're rocking Balmain and super smoky eyes, or try a sexy fringe and touchable waves if you want it to look classic but dressed-up. Other takes we adore? Padma Lakshimi's long lob — hers touches her shoulders and is super sleek — as it looks like a more polished version of the usual straight 'do. Other benefits of lobs? They're easier to wash and style, and the length and details (bangs or no bangs? layers or blunt?) can be adjusted to suit your face shape, neck length and features.


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