Hair genius Eugene Souleiman shows us how to get the looks at Jeremy Scott and Preen

Hair genius Eugene Souleiman shows us how to get the looks at Jeremy Scott and Preen

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Eugene Souleiman is the ghd fashion week ambassador and one of the most creative guys in the business. Find out his tips for getting the looks at Jeremy Scott and Preen

The one thing you need to create almost any hair style? A ghd styler. These high-quality hair tools are beloved by hairstylist everywhere, especially the session and runway stylists that are creating the cool, trend-setting looks that you see in magazine spreads and in fashion week. One of the top stylists in the game is Englishman Eugene Souleiman, who is both a Wella and ghd ambassador. You'll see Souleiman at the major fashion weeks lending his impressive eye and impeccable taste, taking hair art to the next level and beyond – seriously his Instagram is major inspo for us. Here are his tips for getting these two professional styles at home.

While the candy coloured wigs sported by the models may not be something you have handy in your wardrobe, you can take a cue from the glossy, super-straight finishes.

The inspiration: “The aim today is to get the hair to look as glossy and sharp as possible, almost fake looking. There’s a strong synthetic feeling running through Jeremy’s collection and we are taking that and very much running with it,” says Souleiman. “This colour spectrum is normally associated with loose,undone styles, but this look is sharp, geometric and almost space-age. It is in some ways a homage to Vidal Sassoon and his cuts. He left us with his legacy. When perfection becomes more than perfection it becomes unreal.”


How to:

1. Apply heat protector and blow dry a neon wig with the ghd air hairdryer ($225) to achieve a smooth, polished finish.

2. Straighten with the ghd gold professional styler ($295) to make the wig perfectly straight, shiny and super glossy.

3. Before applying the wig, tightly wrap hair around the head and apply a wig cap and apply the wig.

4. Run the gold professional styler over any flyways or kinks to maintain hyper-real smoothness and intense shine.

5. Use classic hair cutting techniques to create a razor sharp fringe and graphic, super blunt tips. Lightly spritz hairspray into roots for a slight lift. 

Inspired by the sea, the ethereal, slightly shimmery tresses is kind of what Ariel would be sporting if she were an edgy, slightly tortured millennial. Says Souleiman, “This look is about enhancing imperfections and not torturing the hair, allowing it to do more of what it wants to do," and it paired perfectly with the collection's raw textures.

Inspiration: “The inspiration for the hair is sea anemones. We want the girls to look like they’re in water, with their hair looking otherworldly — like it is floating with zero gravity. We’re putting glitter in their hair so it’s glistening.”


How to:

1. Souleiman did not take a one size fits all approach, working with each model's natural hair adding a touch of product and minimal styling.

2. Says Souleiman, "The texture of the hair is grungy and uncombed with natural movement so we used Wella Professionals EIMI Dry Me to add a rawness and EIMI Mistify Me Light to hold the pieces of hair in place. We want it to have a feeling of haste and speed, like it's been done quickly — not too controlled or glamourous. It's broken, but in a very beautiful way. There are subtle nuances and touches that make it work and make it feel a bit more unusual." 

3. "For some of the girls we added movement with the ghd gold styler ($295) and the ghd curve classic curl tong ($330). We're doing pieces of hair, not the whole head, so it doesn't feel too done. There's a real beauty to it, it's angelic and soft."

4. The final touch was adding glitter that was blown softly onto the models’ hair to add an aquatic sheen that emulated the makeup look. (P.S: We're copying this for our next night out!)

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