6 cool, hair colour ideas for Christmas

6 cool, hair colour ideas for Christmas

Dyeing for a change

Text: Renée Batchelor

Stumped for hair inspiration when you're at the stylist's chair? Try these trending shades for your next, head-turning 'do

Bored with your basic bitch 'do? Join the club. If you're looking for a colour refresher or even a dramatic change, but find yourself lacking inspiration, scroll down for some of the hair hues that will be hot in 2018 and get a head start. From celebrities to your Instagram feed to even fashion editorials... there's nowhere you can't go for hairspiration.

Naturally dark-haired like Selena Gomez? It will take a few processes and a lot of time, but it's possible to achieve a pure, buttery shade like this one. Want your 'do to look a bit grunge-inspired? Ask for slight roots, but make sure these are dyed a medium to light brown so they don't contrast too harshly with the lighter hair.


Inspired by the gemstone, the Tiger's Eye colour boasts the same silky lustre and combination of golden, amber, red and brown tones woven in the hair for a natural, multi-toned effect.


There's no subtlety with this one, but if you favour bold, almost anime-like hair colours try more unusual hues like this shocking, neon yellow. This was created using Arctic Fox's Cosmic Sunshine.


How to make mermaid green less precious? Go for a shorter length, curlier texture and more contemporary styling.


With a stunningly seamless blend of babylights in shades of amethyst purple, rose pink, lilac, pale grey and butter yellow, this colour seems to shimmer almost iridescently.


Another creation by talented, Vancouver-based colourist Eva Lam, the rich contrasting colours — russet, dark grey and wheat — look like a handwoven tapestry or carpet.