The craziest beauty trends inspired by Game of Thrones

The craziest beauty trends inspired by Game of Thrones

Fire and ice is also nice

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @RoseBNails @LadyCrappo

You have been watching, haven't you? Here are some cool ways Game of Thrones has been making its mark on beauty trends

We promise no spoilers in this article. Only awesome nail art, intricate braids and a must-have brush set. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you'll get a kick out of these cool beauty trends inspired by the hit HBO show. Not a fan? Well, stay for the fun looks anyway

Whether you choose to have house insignia painted on a nail or two or uh... Jon Snow's likeness painstakingly detailed on a finger, go crazy with the nails, like these Instagrammers and talented nail artists have. 





Don't have the maidens of the Seven Kingdoms on hand to give you Daenerys' gorgeous platinum braids of Sansa's flowing red tresses? Head thee to a hair salon and get these pretty plaits done (by an expert) for your next wedding or office dinner.




This brush set
When we first spied this brush set from The Catch 96 we admit we got a bit excited. It comes in five finishes from rose gold to copper to recreate ye olde makeup brush feel. It currently half off at US$39.95. The catch? You have to buy a minimum of five sets, so gather your makeup and memorabilia crazy friends (or that one colleague that buys everything) and add to cart before it sells out.