Fun beauty trends to try in 2020: The best lilac lids, snake skin nails, flushed lips, and more

Fun beauty trends to try in 2020: The best lilac lids, snake skin nails, flushed lips, and more

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We're far from omniscient, but if there's one thing our time in the beauty industry has taught us, it's how to sniff out a brewing trend. Or several, for that matter. See: high ponytails, French manis, and feathered brows we espoused — and were regularly sported by movers and shakers within the sphere in 2019. Bearing this in mind, it seems only apt we forecast the biggest beauty trends of the approaching decade as derived from our favourite influential figures. Will our instincts be bang-on once more? We're feeling pretty good about our chances.

Lived-in eye makeup

No, it's not raccoon eyes nor the messy remnants of your liner after indulging in one too many bowls of laksa. Instead, think soft, smudged, and diffused pops of shadow by the edge of lids and along the lower lash line. In this case, precision is not the point, so paint colours on with your digits. This is the look we'll be rocking on mornings where we can barely stumble out of bed.


Lilac lids

R.I.P. petal-pink lids. In 2020, the prime eyeshadow pick is an iridescent, ethereal lavender that can be worn sheer or packed on for a three-dimensional effect. If you find the overall vibe subtler than standout, reach out for shimmer and glitter variants to wow.


Pre-highlight highlighter

That's highlighter you swipe on before foundation, mind. Gone are the days when you want a highlight bright enough to blind. In fact, the dawn of a new decade brings about the time of a natural, radiant glow... a hint of luminosity that peeks through foundation and concealer. Celebrity makeup artist, Nikki DeRoest, recommends a liquid that can be massaged onto the cheekbones, forehead, and down the nose.


Snakeskin nails

Cow nails won't be continuing its reign in 2020, though it doesn't mean you should give up on animal prints entirely. In the beginning of a new era brimming with unforeseen challenges, channel the cool intellect and ruthlessness of another animal instead: the snake. And what better way to do so than by decking your talons out in its scales? Get your nails filed down to sharp points and wear 'em like armour.


Flushed lips

Much like a mattified pout, flushed lips also serve up a bold statement — though with the intensity dialed down a tad. Skip the brush and apply the bullet directly onto the centre of lips, then slowly fade the colour along the edges with a cotton swab. This results in an illusion of a baby-soft, kissable pout, one that is surprisingly low-maintenance.

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