Food-inspired hair trends you’ll have a craving for

Food-inspired hair trends you’ll have a craving for

What's your flavour?

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

The yummiest-looking hair to take(out) to your hairstylist

In the beginning was unicorn hair, and pastel tones in every colour family were trotted out by the masses as a hairvolution took over, courtesy of Instagram and Pinterest. But trust the denizens of social media to take it to the next level, because currently riding the trending wave are hair-meets-food combos that are, well, surprisingly palatable. And before your mind cooks up something ridiculous like sashimi slices layered onto your tresses, let us dish you the mane issue which will have you saying yes to food-inspired hair:

1. Peanut butter and jelly
The delectable swirls of this classic sandwich spread have made the leap from bread to hair. And just like how you can adjust the ratio of jelly to peanut butter, you can customise how purple-streaked your head will look, making this trend really wearable IRL.




2. Watermelon (yes, we mean the fruit)
A head of fruity-coloured hair sounds bananas to most, but the greens and reds of watermelons make an unexpectedly juicy combination — especially in this ombré look. We're loving the mint-toned green interpretation of the melon rind.




3. La Croix Sparkling Water
We can't say for sure if it's Instagram that invoked a massive revival in this '80s soda drink or the other way around, but people are going gaga for the fizzy brew to the point of concocting their haircolour according to their favourite flavours. Well, you are what you drink.