Five lessons these 90's beauty icons taught us

Five lessons these 90's beauty icons taught us


Text: Renée Batchelor

The 90's were a decade of beauty trends, from skinny brows to super-matte lips to chic, short 'dos. Here are the lessons we learnt from our personal beauty idols

Disclaimer: We grew up in the 90's and spent our adolescent years poring through our YM, Seventeen and Sassy magazines. From babydoll dresses, mohair sweaters and Doc Martens to minimalist slip dresses, we lived through it all. But even more spectacular were the beauty looks, which were influenced by actresses and supermodels rather than ahem... reality stars. Individuality was celebrated. Experimentation was encouraged. And trends were born. Here are our favourites lessons.


1. Embrace the power of transformation
Blonde one day, a redhead the next? Why not? Linda Evangelista was the ultimate beauty chameleon, proving she could literally pull off any hairstyle or colour, and emboldening women to be a little more daring in the process.
 Linda Evangelista

2.Undone can be fun
Kate Moss revolutionised fashion not just for her famously waif-like figure but by the total badassery of her devil-may-care look. She famously popularised bedhead hair, barely-there makeup and a fresh-faced, almost innocent beauty. Every girl wanted to be her. Although dating Johnny Depp might have had something to do with it.

Kate Moss

3. Beautiful girls don't have to have long hair
Winona Ryder epitomised 90's beauty with her doe-eyes, love for red lips and her short hairdos. From a pixie cut to a grown-out shag, Ryder's cuts ran the gamut from boyish to seriously sexy. She was so beautiful it hurt — and made it okay for girls to run for the scissors.

Winona Ryder

4. Don't be afraid to mix styles
Drew Barrymore had that hippy chick gone grunge vibe down pat. She married her vintage pin-up inspired beauty — think super-skinny brows and vampy or matte lips — with cutesy bangs and a liberal sprinkling of flowers. Here she is at the 70th Academy Awards looking fresh as a daisy.

Drew Barrymore

5. Athleticism is beautiful
When Naomi Campbell burst onto the scene with her fit, toned and muscular frame, she challenged not just the lack of diverse skin tones in fashion, but the lack of variety in body types as well. In this teeny-weeny bikini for the Chanel S/S 1995 show, she flaunted a figure as finely-honed as a top athlete's and women ooh-ed and aah-ed in admiration.

Naomi Campbell