Five times Benefit made our lives easier

Lil' Miss Fix-It

Five times Benefit made our lives easier
Started by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford in 1976 in San Francisco, Benefit has remained a true beauty innovator

What if we all took a fix-it approach to beauty? If you had wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes, wouldn't it be great to literally iron them away? Or make your pores 'disappear' by applying a clever diffuser that softened and blurred their appearance?

Enter cosmetics brand, Benefit, who pretty much started the concept of fix-its way back when. Often straddling the line between makeup and skincare, one thing's for sure: Benefit has made our lives a whole lot easier with their nifty and intuitive innovations that are often way ahead of the curve. Here are five products that have dramatically improved our lives.

1. When they created magic eyebrows in a tube
Yes, we all know that drawing in your brows is one of the most fundamental makeup steps. But what if you don't have much brow to begin with? The effect would look rather unnatural. Enter Gimme Brow, a brush-on fibre gel that adheres cleverly to both skin and hair, giving the impression of 3D brows where there was none before. This comes in two shades for a natural finish, and even the brush is cleverly designed. It is tapered so it's easier to blend the product, but has a precision tip for careful application. And it's smudge-proof so your brows won't do a disappearing act on you mid day.

Benefit Gimme Brow, $39

2. When they made a dummy-proof eyeliner
Benefit's They're Real! Push-Up Liner is another nifty invention. Essentially a gel liner in pen form, it has a soft and flexible tip that hugs the lashline for a precise and professional finish, dispensing just the right amount of gel with one click. Another plus? The uniquely-shaped tip can be used in several ways — use the thinnest point for a natural liner look and the fatter edge to create thicker lines or blocks of colour. It takes a bit of practice, but once mastered, even the most heavy-handed can perfect their liner.

Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner, $40

3. When they made our pores 'disappear' in a flash
Okay, the truth is that pores just can't vanish. They're part of your skin's make-up and help protect the skin and secrete sebum. But sometimes pores can look so darn obvious. The Benefit solution? The Porefessional Face Primer, a lightweight and silky balm that miraculously reduces the look of pores and fine lines. Smooth this on over problem areas before applying your makeup to see a real difference in your skin's texture. Pores looking visible again by the afternoon? Dab a tiny amount of the product over your makeup.

The Porefessional, $51

4. When they introduced us to the power of brown mascara 
While it may sound unglamorous at first — after all, most of us have dark brown or black hair — brown mascara is actually the perfect solution for natural-looking lashes. Yes this mascara gives you the falsie effect by lengthening and volumising lashes, but the brown hue is great for women with dyed brown or blonde hair, those with pastel-coloured locks, and those who are already using brown or blonde brow makeup. 

They're Real! Mascara in Brown, $39

5.When they gave our eyelids the protection we didn't know we needed 
One of the brand's newest products is their Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer. What we love? That it protects your eyelids against UV rays (it has SPF 20), smoke and pollutants. The eyes are actually a very delicate area, but often, most sunscreens are unsuitable to be used so close to your eyes. Cleverly, this product also acts an as excellent primer for your eyeshadow, helping it to last longer and stay crease- and smudge-proof.

Air Patrol, $51

Text: Renée Batchelor

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