Facial attraction: Magnetic face masks to buy and try

Facial attraction: Magnetic face masks to buy and try

Magnetic charm

Text: Renée Batchelor

Gimmicky fad or legit skincare secret? You've probably seen the video reviews on YouTube. Here's how to get your hands on a magnetic facial mask to try

YouTube makeup and skincare trends come and go, and yes, some of them can be a bit gimmicky. Like the homemade charcoal and glue mask we checked out with our experts and the trend for using kid's makeup. The latest thing that's trending are black face masks that are removed using a magnet — yes an actual magnet. The masks contains iron that's attracted to the magnet and peels off your skin when hovered above it. According to the people behind these masks, they generate a small but rejuvenating electromagnetic current, and really help to remove impurities from the skin.

We haven't tried it and are not 100 per cent clear on the science behind this, but imagine that it feels like an invisible hand pulling a peel-off mask from your face. People who have tried also report a tight, lifted feeling, for an instant anti-ageing effect. Check out the review from the irreverant makeup artist Jeffree Star below. 

Star does say that the Korean brand Milky Dress's Black Luster Mask was quite difficult to apply (probably due to the formula), but he was pretty thrilled with the results. Both him and his partner Nathan, felt that their skin felt baby soft and amazing after, with a smoothed out complexion and cleaned out visible blackheads. Keen to see if the mask really works? Among the US brands making the mask include Dr Brandt Skincare as well as Kim Kardashian's go-to skin specialist Dr Lancer's system. Ranging in price from an affordable UD$52 to hundreds of dollars, here are the different brands we've rounded up.

1. Milky Dress Black Luster Mask, US$52.
MIlky Dress Black Lustre Mask 

2. Dr Brandt Skincare Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharger Magnet Mask, US$75.
Dr Brandts skincare Magnetight 

3. Seacret M4 Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask, AUD$319.
Seacret Mineral Rich Mask

4. Dr Lancer Younger Revealing Mask Intense, US$250.
Dr Lancer Younger Revealing Mask Intense