FW15 Micro Trend: Paillettes and glitter

FW15 Micro Trend: Paillettes and glitter

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Yes we’ve seen glitter and paillettes on the face before, but not in these modern iterations

The catwalk beauty trends may sometimes be a little out there, but we can't help but be inspired by this quirky trend that we spotted in Paris and London. Paillettes embellished not just the clothes, but the faces of models at Temperley London. Line just the edge of the eyeline with sequins for a subtle effect or go full bling by crowding the entire lid. At Vivienne Westwood, glitter didn't even stay within the lines as it exploded to rioutous effect on the lips of models. While at Eudon Choi, there was no shimmer per se, but a paillette effect was achieved by hand-painting overlapping dots in shades of blue.

Temperley London F/W '15

Vivienne Westwood F/W '15Eudon Choi F/W '15