Trending now: The augmented eyebrow

Trending now: The augmented eyebrow

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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You ain’t never browed like this before

Trendspotting is kind of our pastime. Besides giving us a legit reason to trawl the internet (purposefully, not mindlessly that is), we've called it on many a trend in the beauty realm, such as the anti-perfume perfume, test tube masks, and the return of talon manicures paraded all over at the Met Gala. The latest in-thing to ping on our radar? Eyebrows augmented with highlights, bold colours, and faux hair. A lot less crazy than it sounds and way cooler than it reads, here's the breakdown on this next-level brow trend and how to get 'em:

1. Benefit Cosmetics 3D Browtones
If you're a fan of Benefit's bestselling brow highlighter, the same formula and easy-to-wield brush you swear by now comes in three new fun shades to up your brow look. There's rich purple, deep blue and copper to tint your eyebrows with a pop of colour. The shades are pretty subtle and come through the most when it catches the light, so you won't have to fret about getting weird stares all day. With a sheer and buildable finish, they can be used on their own or over your favourite brow products post-filling in and sculpting, making this is the perfect way to ease you into the trend.

Benefit 3D Browtones 

2. Kat Von D Beauty Brow collection
For the full-on 'this-is-a-beauty-editorial-spread' eyebrow, Kat Von D's mega-extensive brow collection has everything you need to embrace the augmented brow look. Whether it's teal, red or whiteout brows you're going for, the 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade is the good stuff to help you achieve every out-there, high impact look. Leah Carmichael of KVD's Artistry Collective also has some useful pointers on how to mix up your own custom brow colours, and if you need inspo, just take a leaf from Kat Von D's razor-sharp red brows and go from there. PS: A natural-to-coloured ombrè brow look is pretty rockin' too.

Kat Von D Beauty Brow collection 

3. Reallyyy!? Eyebrow Extension
Hair-raising gets a new meaning with this brow invention by the Japanese. Breast cancer survivors who lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments were the inspiration behind this newfangled way to brow, resulting in a gel-based product chock-full of fibres that look just like the real deal. It's almost like eyelash extensions, but for your eyebrows instead and removable with warm water at the end of the day. Even Vogue Korea has given it their stamp of approval, launching it straight into the world wide web of viral fame. Now go forth and bulk up your brows to Cara D level and beyond. 

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