Have brow, will wow: 3 new-in products to give you brow-raising game

Have brow, will wow: 3 new-in products to give you brow-raising game


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Having issues taming or defining your eyebrows? These brands have got the solutions to get those hairs in place

They're the face-framers, the expression indicators, and the sign that you've got your beauty sh*t (and life) together. A world without eyebrows is just blasphemy — imagine Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins without their full arches; heck, they might not be where they are today without their brows partly catapulting them to fame. And take it from us at Buro, where we've solemnly sworn never to step for events or meetings without perfectly groomed brows. From penciling them in to tinted brow gels and even budge proof pomade, on-fleek brows has never been more achievable with more and more brands putting eyebrow products out there. Whether they're currently non-existent or completely out of control, here are the latest names in brows to revolutionise the way you groom:

1. The BrowGal
Putting themselves out there as the rep for non-cookie cutter eyebrows, The BrowGal is the latest US makeup import founded by celebrity brow expert and makeup artist Tonya Crooks. The lineup is curated by Crooks, who firmly believes everyone deserves good brows, and that the right steps and tools are essential. Peaking our interest right off the bat is the brow serum with a three-speed vibrating brush, as well as a powder-to-pomade kit. We feel that much closer to brow paradise already.

2. Pixi
You know that FML moment when you accidentally rub your brows off (thanks, humid Singapore weather)? Before you get stuck being called 'The Girl with the Single Eyebrow', invest in a quick fix like this failproof handy duo from Pixi, which will have you sorted in cases of brow SOS. One end has a slanted brow pencil to fill in natural looking hairs and the other is a cleverly packaged mini brow gel to tame and lock in those brows.

Pixi Natural Brow Duo

3. H&M Beauty
As beauty people, it's admittedly hard to be mindblown by makeup anymore but this little tube from H&M Beauty got us buzzing again. Called the Brow Maximiser, this is a fine loose powder that has a buildable formula to create a super-soft look. The wand is tipped with a unique foam applicator that deposits the right amount of product, so you can go from naturally defined to bold and dramatic in a handful of swipes. Ombré eyebrows that are oh-so-trending right now, anybody?

H&M Beauty Brow Maximiser

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