Everything to know about the avocado beauty products millennials love

Everything to know about the avocado beauty products millennials love

Fruit to face

Text: Emily Heng

To say that avocados have served as an influential figure over the past few years is — strangely enough — not an overstatement. Descending upon us (socially, that is) sometime in 2017, the humble fruit has achieved a whole lot; from being the reason behind why millennials are "unable to afford homes" to working their way into every possible meal without raising alarm (the new normal: avocados on toast, sandwiches and even pizza). 

Showing no signs of stopping in 2019, avocados have now successfully conquered yet another market: the beauty industry. The star of the latest skincare formulations, avocados are smashing their way into cleansers, eye treatments and the lot. And while some non-believers might balk at the very thought, this infiltration might not be too much of a bad thing — at least, not when it comes to our complexion.

Too good to eat? We have to agree.

1. They moisturise skin like crazy.
Avocados are reportedly packed with oleic acid — a.k.a. the healthy fat that nutritionists advocate — which contains unparalleled moisturising properties. Said acid is actually commonly found in other known moisturising oils and ingredients, too, such as coconut oil. The key difference, however, lies in the oleic acid concentration levels. Coconut oils contain 8 to 10% oleic acid, whereas avocados boast a whopping 63% — making it superior ingredient for hydration purposes.



2. They heal and protect skin from sun damage.
That's not all that healthy fat does, apparently. Polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (the kind of fat found in avocados) also reduce the effects of radiation-induced cellular damage and skin inflammation, meaning that sunburned and/or sun-damaged skin heals faster with the use of avocado-based products. Vitamins C and E found in the fruit work to protect skin against UV damage as well, thus making it a formidable foe against the unrelenting ball of heat in the sky. A match-made in heaven for us Singaporeans? Most likely.



3. They help fight signs of ageing.
Vitamin C is involved in the creation of collagen and elastin, which, as skincare junkies would know, are the proteins responsible for maintaining the structure and elasticity of skin. Found abundanly in avocados, it helps stimulate the synthesis of both proteins, leading to supple, firmer skin with a reduced chance of wrinkles and fine lines.  


Now, those adept at DIY may already be busting the mixing bowls out, but for those lacking in skills, a curation of avocado-based beauty products to choose from instead.