Eid beauty trends to try

Eid beauty trends to try

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @halima

Celebrating Hari Raya this Friday? Check out the makeup trends for both minimalists and maximalists and MVP products you'll want to bring along

Eid al-Fitr is a day of feasting, festivity and family for Muslims who have spent a month of sacrifice, self-reflection and fasting over Ramadan — so bright clothing and beautiful makeup are a much-deserved given as you make your rounds. But even amidst the celebrations and the picking of outfits, there are practical things to consider with your makeup look. For example, you may need to remove your makeup before praying and may want to then wear something that's light and easy to wipe off. Planning on feasting all day on rendang? You may want to forgo the heavy lipstick and play up your eyes instead. Or if you want to go for a dramatic, full face, you'll definitely need to bring products for touch-ups that are easy to carry along and use on-the-go in order to stay looking picture perfect. Check out our recommendations for beauty trends that are great for Eid and the must-have products you should pack along.

The case for minimalist beauty is that it is easier to mantain in this weather, remove at quick notice (if need be) and requires less touch-ups. Depending on your beauty philosophy, you may also prefer lighter, more breathable foundation, softer lipsticks and balms that don't need to be reapplied after each meal, and neutral eyes. Here are some key trends to try.

Light monochromatic tones
If you have great skin, play it up with flesh-tones that can highlight and sculpt the face. Here matte bronzer is used to carve out the cheekbones and play up the eyes, while the lips are left nude-toned.


Burgundy shadow and winged liner
Popular YouTube makeup expert Chloe Morello has done not one, but two looks for Eid. The more pared-down of the two looks eschews false eyelashes and heavy lipstick, making it easier for wearers to eat and move about freely, while playing up eyes with burgundy shadow and brown liner. See the full tutorial below.

Subtle shimmer
Want to shine without going OTT? Try light-handed highlighting and strobing, and a touch of shimmer on the lids and inner corners of the eyes in flattering shades like rose gold and pewter.


Going big doesn't mean you have to don cakeface and bright colours on all your features. After all, an occasion like Eid doesn't call for an OTT look that might not sit well with your family. Try playing up one feature at a time in a major way, whether it's your brows and lashes, eyes or lips.

Sophisticated red lips
We adore this look on Kuwaiti Instagram star Dalal AlDoub as it's such a modern take on red. Instead of a classic, matte mouth, that might not look pristine after you've eaten, try a scarlet lipstick in a creamy or metallic texture, and play up the eyes with lashings of mascara.


Dramatic liner and lashes
There's a reason this classic look is favoured by many. Playing up your eyes with black liner and voluminous lashes (faux lashes optional) is one way to draw focus to your best feature. Use a long-lasting ink liner and a primer and lash curler before your mascara and this will be able to stay fresh all day with minimal touch-ups.


Bold monochromatic makeup
The flip side of the natural monochromatic look is one that uses richer colours like burgundy, plum and even fuchsia. Don this bold shade on both your eyeshadow and your lipstick, playing with different textures (such as shimmer on your eyes and a cream on your lips).


Here are our must-have products for touch-ups: