Dior's summer makeup collection is too pool for school

Dior's summer makeup collection is too pool for school

Splish splash

Text: Renée Batchelor

With formulas designed for the hotter weather, here's how Dior's summer makeup will have you looking cool in more ways than one

Singapore doesn't experience seasons per se, so there are some skincare, perfume and clothes that just don't work in our hot weather — whether it's extra rich moisturisers, heavy scents and overcoats. So it's nice when the rest of the world's summer comes around once a year and you suddenly see an influx of weather-appropriate goodies available, in the form of lighter scents and even, lighter makeup. We say stock up on these to keep fresh all year. With that in mind Dior's creative and image director for makeup created a collection that recalled the cool blue of a pool, in more ways than one. "It's like the splash of an incandescent body diving into cool water. Formulas with a cooling effect in energetic colours melt into sun-kissed skin." The visuals show a model in swim-tastic blue eyes and glossy, magenta lips with the mandatory summer-ready orange nails to complete the explosion of colour that signals a change in season.

Our favourite picks from this covetable collection? The new Lip Tattoo Color Juice in fruity, juicy shades like 'Litchi' and 'Watermelon'. This transfer-free lip ink not only looks effortless when worn, it has a water-like finish that fuses with the skin on your lips (no, not like in the Venom trailer) so it's virtually weightless. And did we mention, we adore the summery shades that include a coral orange and rich berry stain.

Another knockout has to be the 5 Couleurs Cool Wave eyeshadow palette in 'Cool Down'. With a stunning and hamonious combination of blues including turquoise, midnight blue, pastel blue and denim, this not only looks ace on the glow of sunkissed skin, but we can see this taking us well into the night when we want a bit of Diana Ross circa the '70s disco vibes. A palette that works for day and night and long-lasting lip stains that just won't quit? Where's the queue again?

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Juice

From $40 to $102. Available from May at Dior counters and stores