Dermaplaning is the skincare trend that has women rushing to shave their faces

Dermaplaning is the skincare trend that has women rushing to shave their faces

A close shave

Text: Renée Batchelor

While it hasn't quite caught on in Singapore yet, dermaplaning — or shaving the skin with a surgical blade — is a skincare trend that is making waves overseas

For most women, a close shave is when we narrowly avoid bumping into an ex on a no-makeup day. The thought of actually shaving our faces the way a man would — with a razor or surgical blade — would never occur to most of us, especially since its been ingrained in us that shaving causes the hair to grow back thicker, darker and coarser than before (a myth though it can often appear so).

But it turns out that dermaplaning — defined as a physical form of exfoliation that involves shaving the face with a surgical blade to remove vellus hairs and dead skin — is actually an age old beauty secret, reportedly done by starlets like Marilyn Monroe back in the day, and still hugely popular in Japan. It's actually making a mainstream comeback both as a beauty treatment done in-salon, or even done by yourself at home. Stacked Skincare, a California-based beauty company recommends dermaplaning in conjunction with other treatments, as removing the peach fuzz and uppermost layer of skin actually allows serums and your other skincare to penetrate better.

When done well, dermaplaning also helps the skin to regenerate, so it can improve the look of hyperpigmentation and scarring. It also makes the skin look brighter, feel softer, and helps makeup go on much smoother. Stacked Skincare even sells at-home dermaplaning kits that ship to Singapore, if you're feeling particularly brave... or foolhardy. Curious to see the process done by a professional? Check out their video below for an up close and personal view of dermaplaning.

Disclaimer: It seems that dermaplaning is not for everyone and those with cystic acne, sensitive skin and excessive facial hair may not find the procedure suitable. One writer who reviewed it for Refinery29 even found that it made her skin sore, red and caused more ingrown hairs to appear. However if you're keen to give this exfoliation procedure a try, stick to the professionals for your first time. One of the clinics that offers this service in Singapore is The Clifford Clinic, and the clinic also recommends that it be done every month or so, and in conjunction with other procedures for optimum results. Baby smooth skin is only a shave away.