Daenerys' silver-blonde hair is trending in real life

Daenerys' silver-blonde hair is trending in real life

Silver belles

Text: Renée Batchelor

Platinum hair has been trending for awhile now, but now it's taken on a silvery cast, perhaps inspired by a certain mother of dragons

Platinum is the hair trend that dares you to take it on. With the intensive bleaching process and after-care needed to maintain this pure, white blonde tone, this is not a hair colour for the lazy and those who love cutting corners. And that's before we even talk about the roots situation — too much and it can start to look unintentionally trashy. But not only are stylistas everywhere taking the challenge head-on, some are even going for a silvery platinum hue that is similar to the colour described by writer George R.R Martin in his Game of Thrones series, for the character Daenerys Targaryen.


Kim Kardashian went blonde (again) in September but this time, she's changed the undertone of her blonde to have a silvery cast. The result is surprisingly flattering on her olive complexion. Her colourist Chris Appleton, who created this particular shade, told Vogue, "With Kim, I wanted to do a very different colour from anything she'd done before, so rather than a classic platinum, we went for this icy, white silver [hue], which I think is a really new and modern blonde. It's aspirational and edgy while falling just short of grunge."

Kim Kardashian

Another lady who is sporting a super-white, platinum, is model Karlie Kloss. While Kloss has been rocking this look since mid-2017, it was her recent appearance at the Victoria's Secret show in Shanghai that highlighted how edgy her platinum tresses looked compared to the traditional blonde sported by her fellow Angels.

The key to this look is cutting out the brassy and orange undertones in the hair and using a purple shampoo to maintain the colour. And we won't lie, unless you're blessed with super hair that kind of defies the laws of science or  you are actually a Targaryen by blood, the quality will suffer. Although there are a lot of online tutorials that teach you how to achieve this look at home, we think it's best you head to a good salon to get silver blonde done, as this is not something you want to potentially mess up.