Nifty polishes to to try at home

Nifty polishes to to try at home

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're on a budget or simply have no time to head to a nail salon, try these three new nail polishes

Having well-manicured nails is an unspoken rule when it comes to looking chic. Especially in your #showmeyourrings Instagram shots. While elaborate (and sometimes) tacky nail art is not for everyone, having groomed nails are the bare minimum. Here are three new nail innovations that makes your at-home manicure achievable. 

If you're a nail minimalist, check out Butter London's Sheer Wisdom polishes which are dubbed tinted moisturisers for your nails. In six shades for different skin tones, these offer a sheer coat of polish that allows your natural nail colour to peek through. Best of all, these super-safe polishes are free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, resin and toulene and in fact contain nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, keratin and tea tree oil, so your nails are strengthened and moisture is locked in. 

Butter London Sheer Wisdom Nail Tinted Moisturizer in Fair, Medium and Deep

If you've ever done your nails at home and want to do a proper job, a good base and top coat is a must. Why? A base coat, ensures the nail is smooth and polish adheres properly and also protects your nail from discolouration, while a top coat seals the colour, adds shine and prevents chipping. It can be a little troublesome to manage so many bottles and layers if you're painting your nails yourself, which is why a nifty three-in-one that actually works, like Ciaté's Wondercoat is a godsend. In four, gorgeous neutrals, this is a handy polish to have at home for weddings, interviews and other emergencies.

Ciaté Wondercoat

Yes, you heard right. Nail Inc. has invented a nail polish for the hopelessly uncoordinated. The aptly named Paint Can currently only comes in two shades, Hoxton Market, a highlighter pink, and Shoreditch Lane, a chic metallic. Of the two, Shoreditch Lane looks more like a regular nail polish when worn. How to use this? Apply the base coat — the polish adheres to this and not to skin — and spray over nails. Fret not, if you spray some on your cuticles and outside of nail lines, as when run under water, the excess polish gets washed away or you can wipe it off with wet wipes. We can't wait to grab a can and try this on all our friends. Pizza and Paint Can party... why not?

Nails Inc Paint Can in Hoxton Market and Shoreditch Lane 

Available at Sephora. Launch dates are not confirmed