New year, new nails: Get your tips sorted

New year, new nails: Get your tips sorted

CNY ready

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram

Headed to your manicurist this weekend? Here are some Chinese New Year-themed options you might want to consider

Festooned with red and blaring Chinese New Year music, the atmosphere is all but primed for the celebrations just around the corner. Tradition dictates a load of revamping on your person before you are deemed fit for the festivities — new clothes, new hair, new attitude — and as the womenfolk know it, new nails too.

If you've already penciled in an appointment to pop by a nail salon for some much needed pampering but haven't pinned down a design, don't panic just yet. We've got five nail art choices that lean away from run-of-the-mill if you're hankering to one-up some snotty relations during reunion dinners.

1. Calligraphy work

While monkey motifs are par for this year, go for graceful instead of garish by opting for a scrolling simian artwork.

CNY nail art

2. Chinese blossoms

Coincide CNY with spring blooming across your nails in flowering pink buds.

CNY nail art

3. Rich brocade

Translate the beauty of a lush silk cheongsam onto your tips. Add in grinning lucky cats if you're hoping to strike the lottery.

CNY nail art

4. Accent nail

Brilliant red is the colour of the season but go for an understated look by accenting a single nail with a gold pattern.

CNY nail art

5. Fine china

There's nothing quite like glazing your fingertips to resemble precious porcelain.

CNY nail art