Cherry bomb: How the humble fruit can give you more translucent skin

Cherry bomb: How the humble fruit can give you more translucent skin

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Dull skin getting you down? Clarins White Plus has a powerful new formulation that harvests the power of the cherry fruit

As traditional whitening skincare moves away from pure lightening to achieving brightening and translucency, more and more women are realising the need for this specific type of skincare in their regimen. Whether you're looking for a powerful serum that targets spots and pigmentation or a product that works on the entire face to give you a healthy glow, brightening can vastly improve the look of your skin.

Clarins — with the help of discoveries made at the Institute Curie in France — has a new generation of brightening products for a healthy, spotless complexion. This time, the brand has tapped on the acerola (that's cherry in plain speak) — specifically using the fruit and seed extracts from a cherry grown in Northeastern Brazil.

Clarins W+

Why is acerola good for your skin? This skin food is high in natural vitamin C and skin-enhancing molecules... so eat up. The fruit extract also regulates the Mela Exo System — specifically the exosomes that carry the protein messengers that trigger the development of pigmentation —  so that melanin is not over-produced. The seed extract meanwhile enhances cell oygenation so the skin is more radiant and translucent. 

The new product — the Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum — prevents dark spots from appearing, and makes skin look fairer and more translucent. With its light and easily-absorbed formula, you'll find this is an unobtrusive addition to your existing routine. But it'll make a big difference on your skin's appearance.

$130. At Clarins counters and stores from 1 March