Brow products and tips that put the ease in getting perfect arches

Brow products and tips that put the ease in getting perfect arches

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Brows are probably the single best indicator of what decade you're living in. Here's how to keep updated with the trends

What do your brows say about you? If they're super skinny, maybe you haven't gotten the 2018 update, or maybe you're just waaay ahead of the trend. If they're bushy and unkempt, you're possibly an advocate of natural grooming. But among all the trends from ombré brows to amplified arches, perhaps the most in-demand brow is the natural one that doesn't look flat and one dimensional. These are the application tips and handy products that will get you started to achieving your perfect brow.

The straight K-brow does not work for all face shapes, nor does plucking your naturally full brows till they resemble a pencil squiggle. Start by drawing in your brows first so you don't overdo it and know the shape you want to achieve. Next, begin by plucking underneath the lower brow, and try not to pluck too much from above the upper brow's natural shape or change your arch. If you must pluck from the top, do so sparingly, by going one hair at a time. Then step back and assess your shape in the mirror before proceeding. It's very easy to overpluck, but once you've done so, it's hard to fill in gaps and correct a too thin shape. Unsure of how to start? Go to a brow professional for the first shaping and then try to upkeep it at home with your own tweezers and brow pencil.
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Guerlain Eyebrow Pencil

When filling in brows, a combination of products and tools will help you achieve a natural result. This one from Browhaus has a pencil, powder and spoolie brush. Start by defining the brow shape with the pencil's triangular tip, then use the broader side to fill in any sparse areas. Next, use the brow powder on the other side of the product to darken and intensify the colour of your brows. Finally, finish by brushing the brows upwards to keep it neat and defined. Other products that add polish to your brows include brow mascaras to hold the shape in place and add a tint of colour, brow fibres that add fullness to thin and sparse brows, and brow tattoos that permanently stain the brows and skin, for a longer-term darkening.
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Browhaus Brow Power Tool

Brow products come in different undertones and matching them to your hair colour and your complexion will give you a more seamless look. If you have red hair choose a pencil with an auburn undertone, choose grey or taupe if you have medium brown hair, or go for a blonde shade if you fancy a lighter look. A word of caution, in general, the darkest shade of brow pencil can be a bit harsh and only works with a very dark and full brows.
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Sulwhasoo Eyebrow Perfector