Brow lamination at Browhaus review: A temporary perm for your eyebrows for fuller days ahead

Brow lamination at Browhaus review: A temporary perm for your eyebrows for fuller days ahead

Fluff them up

Text: Janice Sim

Since face masks became a lawfully-binded accessory, the focal point had to fall on our peepers and well, the brows that we've been poring over incessantly. The current ideal happens to be soap brows, an emerging trend fronted by celebrities like Dua Lipa and Kaia Gerber, that even lauds its own home recipe. And if you aren't exactly gifted with the most stable of hands or game to have a DIY gamble at your face, here's an instant treatment that can achieve the exact result: brow lamination.

The service first made waves in the United Kingdom, then the United States, and now it has at last, landed on our shores. At the moment, few beauty parlours carry the service. No surprise, our homegrown brand, Browhaus is one of them.

But what is brow lamination in the sea of nauseating options we have on hand? It is dubbed as a sculpt and lift service — to give the illusion of fuller and more defined eyebrows. What sets it apart from the others like microblading and brow tinting, is that it is more of a perm. One that lifts, styles, and sets your brows on a temporal basis — specifically four weeks.

It does explain the "soapy" effect, where your hairs are fluffed up but not in the unruly way (I'll get to that part later). Browhaus sums up their treatment in a simple 3-step process. And here's what I got out of the 80-min session:

A quick consultation scan did reveal that the trending service isn't fitted for every brow, especially if you're gunning for a full, feathery result. To qualify for it, your eyebrows should already have a decent hair count — not to a Cara Delevingne extent, but decent enough. The idea is to fill in the small gaps within your brows. If they're too sparse, you're probably more suited for Brow Resurrection instead, the signature semi-permanent service from Browhaus.

Step 1: Lift

Fortunately, I made the cut. First, brows are prepped with a perming cream, which softens the hairs just so it's easier to brush and style them to the desired shape. It's left for eight minutes, before step two. Note: you will get a whiff of the funky solution for anyone who's had a perm before. Slightly unpleasant, but not unbearable. In a swift motion, my hairs were brushed upwards to fill in the small gaps in between my arches.

Step 2: Set

Then, a cooling neutralising cream to keep the styled hairs in position. Here's where the setting of shape takes place.

*Before the final step, my brows were plucked to remove any spare, messy hairs then as an extra sweetener, a brow tint that's optional. The colour would typically last for one to two days, but it's worthy of an add-on to accentuate the feathered look. Especially if you have somewhere to be after.

Step 3: Style

Here's where to pay attention, in order to keep those fuzzy hairs in place. My therapist demonstrated a quick everyday styling motion, using a Browhaus Undercoat Lash & Brow Conditioner. Because of its moisturizing formula, which comprises of silk, collagen, and Vitamin B5, I was advised to use this every day — on mornings and nights, as it serves a moisturising function for my delicate brows. After all, a couple of chemicals were involved in the brow lamination process. With the nifty brush applicator from the conditioner, you can easily smooth the hairs over in one direction for a neat, subtle finish, or sweep them up for a dramatic effect. The styling move is in fact, easier than actually drawing on your brows. No soap? No problem.

Brow conditioner

From now till 31 December, book your first brow lamination appointment at a promo price of $48 at Browhaus today.

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