Brilliant brunette: Gorgeous brown hues for Chinese New Year

Brown-haired girls

Brilliant brunette: Gorgeous brown hues for Chinese New Year
If you're thinking of colouring or highlighting your hair for the Lunar New Year get inspired by these brunette hues

It's about time to be booking your hair appointments if you celebrate Chinese New Year. But instead of a root touch-up or sticking to your same shade again, why not try a rich, multi-dimensional brown hue? You can go for a single colour dye job if sitting through high and lowlights are not your thing or even try a low commitment glossing if you want healthy-looking shine. Take inspiration from these models at the Spring/Summer 2016 shows to suss out the different shades of brown out there.

Deep mocha
Jet black can look too stark. If you're afraid of crazy colour, but want a sophisticated change, try a deep mocha brown instead. The key to this look is plenty of glossiness, so be sure to pamper your hair with masks and treatments in the lead-up to the big day. If this colour is already close to your natural shade, try a low-commitment glossing that will add a light wash of colour and brilliant shine, but will fade away after a few weeks.

Barbara Bui soft black

A warm, brown colour that has a slightly reddish undertone is super flattering on most Asian skins. It's also pretty close to most of our natural hair colours, making it easy to attain in one sitting. Play up the warmth and depth of the shade by using a colour shampoo for the days preceding your dye job.

Red Brown Hair

Cedar brown
Ash and grey shades are popular, but might raise eyebrows in conservative jobs and households. If you like the look of a cool, brown hue, but don't want to look too washed out, try a shade that's somewhere in the middle of being warm and cool, like this neutral brown. Ask your hair colorist to weave in tiny ribbons of colour in darker and lighter shades for a subtle, multi-dimensional effect.

Valentin Yudashkin red brown

Honey brown
Ready to work that ombré effect? We love this look on curls and ringlets as there are no hard lines to demarcate the colour. Ask your stylist for warm, golden tones painted just on the hair ends that fade to a blonde hue. The best part of this dye job? You can go months without a touch-up.

Topshop Unique Honey Blonde

Text: Renée Batchelor

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