From bobs to lobs: mid-length hair at the 2016 People's Choice Awards

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From bobs to lobs: mid-length hair at the 2016 People's Choice Awards
It seems that the bob — and it's slightly longer sister, the lob — are still going strong. Here are five 'dos that show of mid-length hair's versatility

What about bobs? They're still going strong. And with more actresses and celebrities willing to chop off their long locks, we've seen more creative styles on the red carpet as well. Here's a round-up from the People's Choice Awards 2016.

Actresses Shelly Hennig and Kaley Cuoco show us two ways to wear the above-the-shoulder bob. Hennig's is plastered down at the crown with a light gel for a wet-look effect, while her ends are left loose and soft. The newly-separated Cuoco, meanwhile, projects an air of playful nonchalance with her carefree, tousled waves. Notice how her hair has texture and seems touchable, yet is not frizzy.

Shelley Hennig

Kaley Cuoco

If your bob is past shoulder-grazing territory — it's actually a lob. Again, this cut has maximum versatility. Nia Long wears hers in more defined S-shaped waves, while Dakota Johnson seems to have perfected her honeyed lob. There's some texture, but no defined structure, lending an easy, casual air to her 'do. Finally, Claire Danes has been wearing her hair in a long and straight, blonde lob for some time and we have to say, it suits her fine, super-straight hair.

Nia Long

Dakota Johnson

Claire Danes

Thinking of styling your bob or lob like these women? You'll need the right products, like a pre-styling heat protection spray, thickening spray — if you have fine hair — and a versatile styler that creates either waves or straightens hair. The finishing touch? A strong hold hairspray to keep it all in place. Check out our recommendations below.

Text: Renée Batchelor

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