The best vintage-inspired hairdos from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

The best vintage-inspired hairdos from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Silver screen belles

Text: Renée Batchelor

One of the coolest trends sported on the red carpet at the Golden Globes? Vintage-inspired hair. Here are the standout styles

Old Hollywood. The words evoke so much. High-octane glamour, luxury and decadence. But sadly, some of that ritz and glitz has been missing since its golden age of the '20s to the '60s. Blame it on Instagram or the fact that so much of our personal lives — and that of public figures — is on display for all to see, but mystery and intrigue seems to be sorely missing from our movie stars today.

It was nice to see some actresses evoking the era, with their gorgeous vintage-inspired 'dos. From current Vogue cover girl Ruth Negga's Josephine Baker-inspired crop, to Janelle Monae's pearl-studded beehive, to the glorious Veronica Lake-waves seen on both Brie Larson and Naomie Harris, we were certainly spoilt for choice when it came to hairspirations from the different eras. Another favourite? Lola Kirke's quirky curtain bangs and soft waves that recalled Brigitte Bardot and that cool girl French actress aesthetic. The ladies also managed to make their styles era-appropriate with their modern renditions and cool makeup that brought these styles straight back to 2017. We believe a round of applause is well deserved.

Ruth Negga 
Janelle MonaeBrie Larson
Naomie HarrisLola Kirke