From tots to tweens: Pampering treats for all ages

From tots to tweens: Pampering treats for all ages

Mini me time

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're the kind of parent who believes in indulging your child, here are the beauty and massage treats that kids — from infants to pre-teens — can enjoy, both with or without you

Kids are a big business these days so it's no secret that kids-only joints are sprouting up all over the island. Baby spas and salons that offer massages, manicures and the like are an option if your tyke is the kind who enjoys this kind of thing. Want to squeeze in a haircut or a manicure, but have to bring your kid along? There are even places that caters to both mums and their daughters (or very progressive sons). Here are our picks for the treatments that junior and you can enjoy, as well as the ones you can send him and her for alone.

Want to spend time with your daughter or son, but also in dire need of some self-pampering? Here are some options:

1.  Manicures and pedicures
Lots of places offer princess manicures for your little Elsas-in-training. And if you've seen the underside of a toddler's nails, you'll know that sometimes getting them to sit down (a feat in itself) and have a good trim and clean can be a necessity. If you're using polish on your little one, make sure that the brands use only safe and non-toxic lacquers that won't harm growing nails. Equal opportunity mums —  take your son for a manicure minus the polish.
We recommend: 8Twenty8 Nails. Tucked on the upper floor of a shophouse in Tras Street, this nail haven is quiet and cosy. The owner Victoria Yap, has also cleverly made the comfy seats wide enough to accomodate mummy plus a little human — so your child can sit next to you while getting their nails done. 

Manicures for kids
2. Haircuts
Everyone knows that getting your little one into a barber or hairdresser's chair can be a bit of a challenge. If you want to pop in for a trim or blowout — we wouldn't recommend anything more — look for salons that have stylists experienced with kids, and can offer them that something extra to distract or keep them entertained, yet not separated from you.
We recommend: Blow + Bar for the ritzy experience. The owners are mums themselves, so its no wonder that affordable kids' cuts are offered along with a complimentary cup of juice, though there won't be cartoons or toys to distract them. Or if you're looking for a bit of a deal, chains like Kids "n" Me (at United Square and Katong V Shopping Mall) offer weekday specials where your child and you — or your husband — can both enjoy haircuts as a discounted price.

3. Facials and massages
No, you don't need to give your 1-year old a facial, but if your son or daughter is approaching his teens, problem skin might be an issue. It's also a good time to get them started on a proper skincare regimen that will see them through their teenage years. Treating them to a relaxing facial or massage will be both a great post-exam reward and an experience to remember as well as a novel way to spend time together.
We recommend: The Four Seasons Hotel Spa. This luxury spa uses L'Occitane products and has the option for teen facials. Another option is Trimmings at Loewen Road that has a teen-specific facial and massage.

Baby foot massage
There are also spas and salons catering specifically to your little ones (lucky them!). From spas to manicure places here are some options.

1. Massages, yoga and hydrotherapy
Babies or even the under-7 crowd can enjoy both relaxation and therapeutic benefits from a massage, but you need to ensure that they are under the right hands. Look for a qualified therapist and your little one can might see benefits from a more peaceful sleep at night to greater joint flexibility. 
We recommend: Beauty. Mums. Babies at Paragon. The BB Massage is specially for those aged 0-6 months and combines Western and Chinese techniques for a tailored experience for your tot. Other options are baby yoga and baby spa — a swimming therapy similar to hydrotherapy.

2. Manicures and hairstyling
If your little diva and her friends fancy a whole day of pampering, book her and her pals in for a sparty (that's a spa party for the uninitiated) that combines a manicure, pedicure and even hairstyling — glitter spray optional. Disclaimer: Don't blame us if this becomes something demanded on a regular basis.
We recommend: Trimmings. The salon and spa offers a Princess Party. This offers each child — it's $66 per kid — a mani, pedi, hair wash, styling and take-home gift.