Best in beauty: AMAs 2015

Stars come out to play

Best in beauty: AMAs 2015
These beauties looked stunning on the red carpet at the American Music Awards, proving that not all the winners collected prizes onstage

There were some surprises on the red carpet at this year's American Music Awards. Top knots were a big draw with Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez sporting chic iterations of the look. Jenner wore hers with layered bangs, hanging over her face, leaving us to wonder if she was throwing us a sultry gaze or just having trouble seeing. Lopez's hair was severely scraped back — her gorgeous face (does the woman ever age?) — fully in focus.

Gigi Hadid was a big surprise, her long locks lopped off into a chic, choppy bob and fresh, glowing skin on full display. Also a revelation, relative newcomers musician Rainey Qualley (daughter of Andie MacDowell) and Swedish sensation Tove Lo. Qualley was all sparkling blue eyes and princess waves while Lo, dubbed "Sweden's darkest pop export" by Rolling Stone didn't disappoint with her sophisticated centre part, smoky lashes and blood red lips. Also sporting a deliciously dark look, was Demi Lovato. With sexy finger waves straight out of a 1920s speakeasy and dramatic, wine lips and eyes, Lovato certainly grabbed a lot of attention — quite a feat among all the drama queens present.

Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner

Tove Lo

Rainey Qualley

Jennifer Lopez

Demi Lovato

Text: Renée Batchelor

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