Best hair and makeup trends to bring back in 2020: Beachy waves, dark lips, frosted lids...

Best hair and makeup trends to bring back in 2020: Beachy waves, dark lips, frosted lids...

Blast from the past

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @dennisleupold

Fashion, as we all know, is cyclical. Fringed frocks popularised by flappers in the 1920s made a reappearance at the fall/winter 2020 runways; the flannel and grunge aesthetic (hello, '90s nostalgia) is regularly sported by celebrities today; while opera gloves routinely donned in the '70s are suddenly the accessory du jour. It stands to reason, then, that beauty, too, takes the same approach. As of late, a high-gloss pout, shag cuts, and mullets are gaining momentum amongst the movers-and-shakers of the beauty realm — which is well and good, though it means there's still room aplenty for more of our favourite past trends to catapult back into the spotlight. Our hopes, below.

Beachy waves

Gossip Girl is getting a reboot, so it's only fair that the tousled, wavy style endorsed by Serena van der Woodsen (aka Blake Lively) makes a comeback, too. Plus, there's something to be said about the versatility of the look, where it is suitable for all hair lengths and close-to all face shapes.


Crimped hair

So, this one's a little controversial, but hear us out: if claw clips and butterfly clips can be cool again, why not this textured 'do? Aside from it being a speedy way to add volume to your mane, it also pays homage to the experimental spirit of the '90s. For those still feeling apprehensive, crimp in sections rather than throughout your mane. We'll be doing it in tribute of the Lizzie McGuire reboot which has (unceremoniously) halted production. Boo.


Brown lips

Blame it on the fact that dark lipsticks were all the rage at the fall/winter 2020 runways, or maybe it's because '90s icons Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston were the talk of the town recently thanks to their outstanding performances in The Morning Show and Stranger Things respectively. As it is, we're back on the brown lipstick bandwagon. The cooler, edgier cousin to red lipstick, we're issuing bonus points for ones that smell like chocolate, too.


Dramatic lower lashes

We're still at a loss as to why lengthy, spidery lower lashes have fallen out of favour. Have we collectively forgotten the doe-eyed amazingness that is Twiggy? If you still haven't found a highly-boosting mascara option yet, opt for individual, strand-by-strand falsies.


Frosted lids

Who was it that once said 'you don't know you've got a good thing, until you've lost it?' Well, that's exactly how we felt when frosted lids faded into obscurity. Or, well, got a maligned rep for being tawdry and tasteless, that is. But as with the rise of French manis, yesterday's cat food can become today's caviar —and considering how disruptive force, Fenty Beauty, just dropped a frosted eyeshadow palette, we say it's just a matter of time.

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