What we learned from celebrity makeup tutorials

What we learned from celebrity makeup tutorials

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Tired of makeup tutorials? Not us. Here are the lessons we picked up from these (surprisingly skilled) celebrities

Are you tired of makeup tutorials yet? If the answer is never, first go check out some of Buro's one minute beauty tutorials to learn hacks and tips from Singapore's top makeup artists. Then turn your attention to this series on Vogue online that gets an admittedly A-list cast of women to divulge their makeup secrets and techniques. Did you know Rihanna is a great makeup artist? Or what Kylie Jenner's lips look like bare? Neither did we, until we went down this YouTube black hole and emerged as enlightened as a yogi after a three-day meditation course in Bali. 

Rihanna is the queen of everything — including makeup skills. So when Fenty Beauty’s Hector Espinal told us that he considers her a makeup artist in her own right, we had to see this to understand why. Creating a red carpet-worthy look swathed in a purple haze of Fenty Beauty and illuminators... Rihanna has skills.
What we learnt: The singer and sometime actress exudes badass BDE no matter what she does. And she knows how to do that subtle, but beautiful highlight.

When it comes to a signature look, you can't argue that Victoria Beckham has one. Kohl-lined eyes, a slight smokiness on the lids and a nude pout are pretty much all she dons these days... so of course she has that look down pat.
What we learnt: She can rim those eyes like a pro and her Victoria Beckham Morning Aura Illuminating Crème (from her Estée Lauder collaboration) is a must-have for that dewy lustre all over the face.

Did you know the Riverdale sweetheart actually does special effects makeup in her free time? Despite her considerable skills, she pretty much eschews heavy makeup in her downtime. Her tutorial is so simple, we could barely see the difference, but we do like the end result. Refreshingly Reinhart showcases her own (heavily-used) makeup, proving that celebrities are just like us.
What we learnt: Sometimes less is more. And when you look like Lili Reinhart, maybe you don't need much makeup after all.

Speaking of no makeup, such is the power of Vogue that they can make Kylie Jenner appear ‘makeup-less’ before us like some apparition from the unknown. Jenner has makeup skills, which we guess shouldn’t be that surprising since she owns a makeup line, but we did appreciate her use of brights on the eyes, and her tips on how she mixes her Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Gel Highlighter with her foundation.
What we learnt: Don't overdo it with lip fillers. Sans lipstick, Jenner’s lips look seriously weird and trout pouty. And the overlining with lipliner after? It's a no for us, although we liked the overall lip look.